Make Your Fireplace the Focus

The most important use of a fireplace is to provide warmth, but it’s also a fantastic place to punch a room’s style. Nevertheless, the fireplace can prove to be the perfect area in a space to create an unexpected focal point. Whether it’s lining the interior of the fireplace, looking for an odd surround or throwing in unexpected shades of colour, there are numerous strategies to allow it to stand out. Listed below are 17 distinct eye-catching tactics to get the most out of your fireplace.

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Float your own fireplace. By installing a freestanding fireplace into a recessed wall, it provides a three-dimensional feel as well as chances for glowing backlights behind the unit.

Studio Marcelo Brito

Complement the fireplace with bold artwork. The distance above your fireplace is critical and nothing will draw more focus towards the fireplace like an unbelievable accessory. Locate a statement artwork piece that pulls together ornamental characteristics of the space to create cohesion.

Mark Brand Architecture

Get creative with your hearth. There is no reason your hearth can’t have a unique shape like this one, using square recessed shelving. All eyes will immediately look to this unexpected component, that doubles as display for particular art pieces.

Philpotts Interiors

Paint the mantle an unforeseen colour. Who would have thought high-gloss green paint would fit in a rustic living room? The colour choice could not have been spot on with this fireplace. Its effect is especially highlighted when paired together with the complementary colored red couch.

Chris Jovanelly Interior Design

Install vibrant tile into the foundation. From a functional element, this will protect your flooring from loose sparks. From a decorative aspect, a vibrant, unique tile pattern will pull the eye toward your fireplace.

Michael Fullen Design Group

Expand the width. A flame burns only as well in fireplaces that are shaped out of the norm. This extra wide fireplace takes benefit of the wall’s spacious space, dispersing the warmth and the eye appeal.

Michelle Edwards

Fill it with intriguing items. Whether your fireplace isn’t usable or you merely need to keep it interesting through its warmer minutes, think about placing unexpected items inside of it to maintain it as a focal point. The curved shape of those decorative balls bring contrast to the rectangular fireplace.

Angel Mangarakov

Utilize the area for artwork. The mantle isn’t the only spot to exhibit your artwork. If your fireplace can’t hold fire, let it contain something beautiful for your eye to behold.

Choose a double-sided fireplace. Install your fireplace facing floor-to-ceiling windows and you’ll have the ability to catch a view of the outside as though you are having a bonfire in your living room.

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Pay attention to the interior. Your fireplace’s décor need not stop in the mantle and the surround. Rather, take it inside the fireplace by making a gorgeous background with bricks laid out in a herringbone pattern.


Proceed simple. Sometimes the very intriguing focal points are the ones which keep it minimal. Without even a mantle for artwork or knick-knacks, this easy fireplace finish with a simplistic fire sets the tone with this contemporary space.

Locate an unusual fire display. Protect your flooring and family using a fire display that promotes security as much as it does exceptional décor. It’ll keep an eye on the fireplace regardless of whether the logs are lit.

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Accent the fireplace using an eye catching wall therapy. Rather than painting or wallpapering the wall all around your fireplace, consider a textured wall treatment to bring a new level of design. When the flame is lit, then the glow of embers will dancing along the waves of the wall.

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Wrap your fireplace around the corner. You do not see this everyday, which is why it instantly becomes a focal point. Plus, it allows you to enjoy the fireplace from the side as well.

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Consider an odd material for the surround. In this cement application, it’s an unexpected and welcome contrast within this clean-lined, contemporary living room.

Pepe Calderin Design- Modern Interior Design

Or how about this onyx application? It is artwork in itself.

Webber + Studio, Architects

Scrap the traditional fireplace altogether and proceed with a completely unique design. This fireplace acts up to a sculptural component because it does a functional one.

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