Kids’ Rooms: I Am A Big Boy Now

“They grow up fast” is an understatement, especially when speaking to rambunctious little boys. The first yearthey are cooing their way into your hearts. The following year that they make your heart race as fast as a getaway car when you first witness their action of agility, i.e. climbing out of the crib when you aren’t looking.

When making the transition from the nursery into a kid’s room, there are lots of important factors to keep in mind. Childproofing ranks number one among the, the other factors include consideration of furniture scale, positioning, and functionality because toys seem to multiply by themselves. This ideabook offers useful tips that assist you in creating a space that you and your little boy can live with.

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Create a space where they may dream. If beside the window will be the best position for your child’s bed, dress your windows in dual layers to delay the sunrise. Comfortable bedding and blackout window remedies help your wee ones to have a good night’s rest and decrease morning crankiness.

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Kids want to be like you. Create a mini workstation,”their home office,” where they can draw, read, and practice their ABCs like you do.

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Play with your children in their room. Children often need to be where you’re. By playing in their room, you show them how to utilize the space and gain the maximum satisfaction from all of the amenities you have provided.

If you have a crazy sleeper on your courts, choose a mattress that has a low profile. Climbing into and falling from bed is both painless and effortless.

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Leave up to space in the room. Kids often mistake the home for a playground. They tumble, wrestle, roll and bounce without respect to your classic console table or the 100-year-old vase handed down from your great-great grandmother. Should they have a space of their own to do as they wish, your furniture at different areas of the home will stand a chance at longevity.

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Most kids have closets that may store more than their pint-sized clothes. Put in a few shelves and cubbies that may hold modest toys and books. This helps to create the best use of cupboard space and frees up valuable playspace.


Once children reach kindergarten age, they transform into a baby Picasso and produce artwork at the rate of lighting. Rather than storing their masterpieces in a folder, then display the art in their room. Change out images as you see fit to maintain the gallery upgraded.

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Only the other day, my 4-year old boy requested a boy’s kitchen. Much to his chagrin, his sister’s pink kitchen was no longer suitable. Now that children are older and can verbally express their pursuits, survey them about what they enjoy and do not like. This helps stop toy overload.

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