The best way to Grow Musa Sikkimensis

The Musa genus, a group of of plantains and bananas, contains a fairly unusual plant also called the Darjeeling banana or Sikkim banana, the Musa sikkimenis. Originally in the forests of the north-eastern Himalayas, the Musa sikkimensis grows in U.S. Department of Agriculture zones 5 through 9. The trunks and deep-red leaf backs of the Musa sikkimensis include a striking aspect to the landscape even though the fruit of the tree is not the most satisfying to the palate.

Select a planting location about 8 weeks before planting. Choose an area with partial or total sunlight coverage. Banana crops thrive in temperatures between 78 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit, but the Musa sikkimensis is a cold-hardy selection and will tolerate some shade. This tree prefers abundant clay, loamy or sandy soil having a pH range of 5.5 to 8.

Dig a hole 2 feet wide for every Musa sikkimensis tree you program to develop and about 2-feet deep. Fill the hole with chicken manure and natural compost. Leave about 10 to 15 feet between each planting hole. Plan to plant several trees in clumps – maybe not straight rows – to inspire humidity and shade sharing, which simulates the tree’s environment.

Have a sucker from a expanding Musa sikkimensis. Select a sucker about 4-feet high that’s little, spear-shaped leaves. Cut the sucker in the tree using a shovel or axe, slicing through the corm. Pick out the sucker with roots and corm in tact. On both sides of the hole, keep the bottom and best soil you seek out out.

Allow the sucker to dry before planting in the shade for three to four times. Cut off the sucker at about 20-inches from its foundation and dip it in potassium permanganate solution and a water.

Remove the compost in the hole by the end of the dry period of your region’s. Fill the hole with about 4″ of topsoil and spot the sucker -down. Fill the the rest of the hole together with the compost and distribute the soil that is bottom on the planting area.

Apply 101020 the Musa sikkimensis according to the directions on its label. Change to 51224 when the plant matures

Keep soil moist but not water-logged. As humidity is loved by the Musa sikkimensis, you need to to water slowly and seriously once every two or three times. Keep the soil moist to about 1-inch deep close to the root. Test the s Oil by means of your finger; water is required by the plant if it’s dry down to an inch.

Apply A2- to 3inch layer of natural mulch of dry grass and leaves by the end of the wet time.

Shuck the Musa sikkimensis about four months by eliminating all but one of the suckers which have sprouted, reducing them off a T walk out after planting. Repeat this method a-T eight months and harvest the fruits of the tree a T around 1-0 months. Remove any leaves that are lifeless instantly.

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