What to Look for at the Flea Market Today

There is nothing like spending a weekend morning wandering the aisles of a flea market and letting your imagination wander with thoughts about where these treasures came from and how it is possible to use them in your own house. Here are some hot things to look for in the source so that you won’t cover the dealer markup on Etsy, Ebay and in shops:

Jonnie Andersen

This 1 image captures a couple of current trends. They’re so trendy, in fact, many companies are creating facsimiles for purchase. The hanging college clock, empty baroque gold frame, army-issue trunk, rattan headboard and grain sack pillows are items to look for in flea markets.

They won’t be as nicely displayed since they are here so have additional keen vision for these because folks in the know will snap them up for resale. Go early if you can to snag the trendy items.

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti

Ethnic rugs and textiles are popular at this time and also their pricing reflects it. I’ve seen some gorgeous Oriental and kilim rugs in flea markets. I really look for ones with worn out stains – visually they’re more intriguing to me. You won’t have to worry about the way in which the carpet will hold up in high traffic parts of your own home, and you’re able to talk down the dealer for the”imperfections”.

Amy Lau Design

Start looking for mid-century contemporary furniture with good lines made of solid wood (not plastic laminate). Do not worry about how awful or dirty the cushions are. The first thing you may do is reupholster it and it will look like a million bucks in your high-class eclectic home

Niche Interiors

Personally, if I have not rented a larger vehicle, seats are the largest thing I’ll spring for at flea markets. An individual can never have enough seats, and the wooden variety with sculptural lines won’t ever go out of style or conflict with any other decoration.

Still on a mid-century vibe, the sunburst mirrors are more popular than ever before. On my latest trip to the flea market, every single sunburst mirror I watched was already sold. They look great over a mantel or headboard and add immediate glamor.

Studio William Hefner

Globes have been collectors’ things for years now. I’m not sure why matters with an institutional origin (school clocks and maps, military trunks) are big right now, but if you’re able to come across a globe that was created for instructional purposes, ideally with defunct countries and boundaries, you are in luck.


The strangers staring out at you from painted portraits tell a story about a life and add a good deal of personality to a room. These can fetch tens of thousands of dollars at traders if they’re painted well, but most little painted canvases at flea markets cost significantly less than $100.


Antique cameras are also a desirable commodity. With the simplicity of digital photography and camera phones, the visual appeal of the antique versions has increased tremendously. People today love displaying and collecting these, and why shouldn’t you have one, too?

Jamie Laubhan-Oliver

You’ve noticed deer antlers everywhere as rustic and natural additions to any decor. They are humane in that deer shed their antlers annually, and so they’re a true celebration of nature’s beauty. If you can purchase recycled antlers for your screen, even better.

A Beach Cottage

My all time favorite thing to get is outdated timber crates. I can never have enough of these as affordable and intriguing storage alternatives around my property. Papers and documents, magazines and books, pillows, pantry items. A rustic and trendy approach to avoid plastic containers.

Jeanette Lunde

I’m telling you, as soon as you purchase a wood crate, you’ll find a thousand uses for it around the house (saving toys!) And will want more.

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