Draw a Crowd Using a Fire Pit

Want butterflies? Plant lupine. Want people? Light a fire. We are like moths to a flame. And while all flames fascinate, it’s hard to beat the lure of a fire pit. S’mores, anyone?

Siemasko + Verbridge

The mixture of water and fire is enchanting, day or night.

Frederick + Frederick Architects

Adding fire immediately creates a feeling of destination.

Vignette Design

Even if the sun is still high and there is no flame in sight, there’s something about a fire pit which brings individuals together.

Greg Trutza

No sea or lake view? A pool or spa can create a similar aesthetic.

While fire pits are long on charm, it’s important to be certain they are also long on security. Here are a few design tricks for keeping all the appeal when ensuring that your fire is secure and sustainable.

Yard Art

Surround with hardscape. As the fire in a pit is more likely to escape than fire found in a fireplace, enclosing the characteristic with nonflammable materials like the brick of the patio is key.

Debora carl landscape design

The decomposed granite and stone border that divides this fire pit in the greenery outside is a smart safety precaution, particularly in dryer climates.

Debora carl landscape design

Likewise, this mixture of gravel and concrete is a secure platform for flame. Can you just hear the fantastic crunch of gravel underfoot as we approach this fire?

Donna Lynn – Landscape Designer

Dig a pit. The recessed character of the pit can help keep harmful stray sparks inbound.

Create bounds. Elevating the surrounding hardscape is another fantastic way to capture stray sparks.

Mark pinkerton – photography

Maintain a space from leaves that are tall. Placing the fire pit at a secure distance from tall foliage is also a smart preventative step.

Jobe Corral Architects

Construct in chairs. If young people will be enjoying the space, built-in chairs can promote a safe space.

Jane Ellison

Use heavy seating. If built-in seats is not feasible, the use of larger furniture can establish breathing room for the fire.

Ginkgo Leaf Studio

Utilize structure. The shape and structure of the fire pit itself may also promote appropriate respect.

Laidlaw Schultz architects

Consider custom. While mobile fire pits appear to be accessible at low price points from all the big-box home improvement shops, local landscapers can often produce custom, brilliantly safe fire pits at very affordable prices. It can be well worth a few phone calls to determine if creating your dream fire vessel is really less costly than you might imagine.

Ginkgo Leaf Studio

Enchanted? See more intriguing flame pits, get suggestions to construct your own or check out Annie Thornton’s tips about moving the celebration out of doors (hint: using fire is one of these ).

The Beauty of Fire, Without the Smoke

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