3 Sudden Reasons to Get an Outdoor Fireplace

Having difficulty heading back indoors as sunny spring days turn cold? Outdoor fire attributes are a great way to expand the livability of your outdoor area into the evening. While fire pits and fire as art are all the anger, the conventional fireplace provides so much more than bodily heat. Consider adding a hearth into an outdoor room if you need any of the following.

The Collins Group/JDP Design

1. A point that is vertical. The timeless chimney calms the eye.

Even contemporary applications of the attribute that maintain a consistent width and thickness will have this effect.

Frederick + Frederick Architects

This powerful vertical focal point divides the tall, white walls of the local residence, critical to making this outdoor living space cozy and comfortable.

Urban Landscape

2. Definition and Structure. The inclusion of a fireplace can provide definition and structure into a otherwise available pergola.

AMS Landscape Design Studios, Inc..

The combination of a fireplace and screenlike foliage may create a border that defines an outdoor living space.

Straight Line Landscape

In some circumstances, a stand-alone fireplace is sufficient to anchor a space.

Bones and rocks

3. Light and heat. In addition to bodily heat, fireplaces add a dramatic light and a welcoming invitation into a space. In this garden, the visual warmth of the fireplace is improved by implementing tactical lighting to the fiery leaves of the trees that flank its chimney. I would happily put on a sweater to enjoy the cozy warmth of the patio.

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