ers Say: Entryway, Mudroom and Laundry Room Wish List

Lots of you chimed in about the questions board when a user requested what sorts of suitable features and cool new things she ought to consider while planning her new home. Now we’re continuing the compilation of answers with ers’ suggested dream attributes for the entryway, mudroom and laundry area.


ers need a place to transition between the indoors and outside. Independent cubbies or lockers for everybody in the family keep things organized. This example has room for dangling outerwear and bags, a spot for sneakers below and a special basket for other items overhead.

This entryway has places to discard coats, hats, gloves, scarves, shoes and bags upon arrival. Organized entryways (generally beside the trunk, garage or side door) include a spot to take a seat placing on or pulling off shoes, shop bookbags and hang keys.

Witt Construction

The entryway is also a spot for getting cleaned up the moment you enter the home. users also said a place for cleanup off muddy boots and filthy dogs. The shower on the left side of this mudroom/laundry room does not let dirt make it outside the brink.

Robert kiejdan

A “slop sink” is a very useful feature. If you’ve spent in a beautiful kitchen sink, you certainly don’t wish to be cleaning out paintbrushes or muddy clothes inside.

Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

The past few years have been enormous to your laundry room. ers have recognized that extra storage for cleaning supplies, countertops for folding laundry, and a sink and other features are wonderful to have in this expanded room.

ers also prefer to have their laundry rooms on the same floor as bedrooms or at least have a laundry chute for convenience. Some are even adding an extra machine (preferably one which conserves energy) to make the job of doing laundry occur quicker; you can do a load of whites and a load of darks at the same time, then wash them collectively.

Angela Todd Designs, Portland, OR

Another handy feature is a built-in ironing board. This way you can remove clothes immediately after the fluff cycle and be sure they are pressed.

As you’re in the laundry area ironing, you may as well see your favorites onto a notebook or even a TV. This could just become your treasured personal space to escape all of the action going on in the rest of the home.


If you are lucky enough to have extra space in the laundry area, you can use it for other jobs, like crafts. This Michigan laundry area even has a heating cupboard for chilly coats. And when you shop coats or extra linens in the laundry area, you conserve space elsewhere in the home.

Klopf Architecture

The bane of a cat owner’s existence is finding a spot for the litter box. One smart er suggested a cat cupboard in the laundry area. This gives kitty a comfy and personal spot to do her business and keeps her out of kicking litter all over the floor.

What did we overlook? Let us know your favourite attributes for the entryway, mudroom and laundry area in the Comments section.

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