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Continuing my short look at the shape of residential floor plans, this harvest of houses share U-shaped plans rather common. In every case an outdoor area is defined by the shape. By wrapping this space on three sides that the homes also look at themselves, obtaining a unique perspective and a solid amount of control in terms of privacy. Obviously, U-shaped plans demand more property than the average single-family house, yet a few of the cases that follow are nevertheless fairly streamlined.

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Hufft Projects

This gorgeous modern house in Springfield, Missouri features a huge courtyard with a pool designed to open towards a nearby creek. Next, we will have a look past the brick and wood-slat fence.

Hufft Projects

Obviously the edge of the house facing the courtyard is not exactly like the letter U; it’s ins and outs that provide more corners for the rooms and create smaller zones inside the outdoor area. Notice the seating pit past the pool also visible in another picture.

Hufft Projects

This conversation pit with fire is made more amorous through the forming of their home’s plan. It’s visible from the swimming pool cabana on one side, nevertheless it is screened and shaded on the left by a wood-slat fence and roofing that unites the living spaces with this cabana.

Architects, Webber + Studio

The 3 parts of the program that specify the streamlined courtyard of the house in Texas are visible in this view of the perimeter. Not only do we see the volumes projecting in the central area, the roof lines slope towards the courtyard, accentuating its importance.

Webber + Studio, Architects

The courtyard, more water and walkway compared to grass, is defined by the roofing overhand and perimeter circulation. The space has a readily apparent intimacy. Seen in a different view …

Webber + Studio, Architects

… we can observe how the view across the courtyard is very important and considered from the architects, particularly in the rhythm of their doors and columns. Notice the clerestory windows that bring soft light into the house.

Ana Williamson Architect

This home’s U-shape (really, looking at the front of the house, it is an H-shape) creates a little raised terrace. Next, let’s take a look at the terrace from interior.

Ana Williamson Architect

This view makes it crystal clear that the treatment of both walls — whitewashed, basically — has a more remarkable impact on the outside area. The reflected light brightens the space. When it can call for a few green for shade, the expansive glass at the foreground points to a desire for lots of sun in this part of the house.

Specht Architects

A raised terrace can be observed in a different house, but the effect is significantly different. This stems from placing the seating area below an overhang and also the method by which in which the plan wraps around a massive tree.

Klopf Architecture

A master suite addition to a Eichler turns the house into a U-shaped plan, if a squat one relative to the previous illustrations. Next, let’s have a look in the new master suite.

Klopf Architecture

This is a scale that is possible for many suburban lots. The openness of these walls towards the little patio illustrates an advantage of U-shaped plans, in which privacy concerns are diminished.

David Vandervort Architects

These last couple examples go to the other extreme and reveal multi-building programs that follow U-shapes to create outdoor spaces. Visible at abandoned in this endeavor is a bedroom area attached to the garage. Opposite is the major building that is articulated like smaller buildings through shaping of this design and the various gables. This entry court is a pleasing space that uses a trellis to link the two buildings.

Pfau Long Architecture, Ltd..

An existing L-shaped bungalow was inserted to, bringing the house closer to the garage (at right) and developing an area for a little seating area between the two.

In this previous example, each house in a four-residence endeavor on a 1.5-acre website is merged with three pavilions. Therefore every house has its own private courtyard, over which ample windows overlook.

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