Floating Shelves: Minimum Design, Maximum Flexibility

If you’re noncommittal as it comes to hanging a bunch of artwork or photos, a floating shelf allows you switch out the framed bits without nailing all the holes in the wall. Little souvenirs and small framed photos that clutter a tabletop can grow to be a gratifying display when organized as a collection on a floating shelf. And the concealed components creates a clean, sophisticated look.

You can use one shelf or multiple shelves — mounted horizontally, vertically or staggered — to make a huge impact in an area. They’re typically manufactured from MDF or wood in a variety of finishes and styles. Their two”-3″ thickness hides a bracket dangling system at the back that allows them to seem to float on the wall.

A lot of these smaller shelves that can carry lightweight items (assess their load capacity before buying). The hardware should include your bought shelf, and the directions should make it straightforward to install. Larger shelves for heavier items, such as pottery or stacks of books, have to be secured into the studs and might expect a woodworker to customize your shelf with stronger hardware and internal reinforcement.

Jennifer – Rambling Renovators

Display children’s art, favorite books, trophies and other interesting d├ęcor on floating shelves within their rooms. I use floating shelves within my childs’ bedroom to maintain all the small arts and crafts she generates. This can keep the dressers and nightstands clear of clutter.

Lissee Interiors

Insert a sizable floating shelf over a bed to display private photos and valuable mementos. Place the shelf so you don’t hit your head when sitting upright in bed.

Bring in an accent colour in the bedding with a first such as this one. Just buy papier-mache letters in Jo-Ann Fabrics and paint them.

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Place floating shelves over the TV so your eye has a place to land on the wall rather than on the large screen. BlueStone Shelves is a fantastic website to discover shelves for almost any space in several finishes, shapes and sizes.

Michelle Hinckley

Stagger your floating shelves for visual interest. Add art and items of different heights and shapes. You barely notice the TV under the shelves — the shelves visually divert your eye.

Ziger/Snead Architects

If your foyer is not roomy enough for a table, put in a floating shelf.

DIN Interiorismo

Insert a shelf to your dining room! A floating shelf at a warm finish, with barely noticeable drawers able to conceal table linens, can be functional and feel rich. For shelves like this one, operate with a carpenter or woodworker to fasten it correctly and be sure the wall can maintain the weight.

Michelle Hinckley

Use a floating shelf as a bedside table. Make sure that it is deep enough to hold your table lamp and an alarm clock. This is a great alternative if you do not have the space for a nightstand.

Jane Ellison

Insert multiple floating shelves at the kitchen to display your collection of dishware, pottery or other cookware. Consider floating shelves at a conclusion that contrasts with your cabinets. They will divide the space and make a beautiful mixture of finishes. If you’re looking to display plates, find a shelf with a ledge or lip so that the plates do not slide off.

Greene Designs LLC

Outfit an entire wall in floating shelves anchored securely to the wall studs. Have deep shelves made if you would like to hold novels.

Peg Berens Interior Design LLC

Add multiple shelves to a wall in various shapes and it turns into a massive sculpture piece. If you can’t find shelves such as these, attempt direct shelves of different lengths and stagger them on the wall.

Stig Carlson Architecture

Install floating shelves over a bathtub for keeping wash cloths, toilet soaps and other necessities handy. For a dramatic look, use a finish that pops against the wall color.

Kelley & Company Home

Add floating shelves to your laundry room and place cleaning items on them, use them to store extra rolls of paper towels or a basket of sewing supplies.

Atypical Type A

Floating shelves over a desk could be functional, holding extra equipment, or they are sometimes filled with inspirational items that you could alter out whenever you desire. Play with the arrangement of multiple shelves.

Nar Fine Carpentry, Inc./Design.Build.Cabinetry

If you have a cutout at a wall, add a floating shelf underneath for an interesting architectural detail.

An floating shelf is the best answer for adding interest to a very long narrow hallway.

Loadingdock5 Architecture PLLC

A floating shelf unit turns out a niche into a workstation.

Alicia Friedmann Interior Design

Place shelves of a variety of sizes and shapes with each other, then assemble them up with accessories with comparable hue values or multiple bits that match.

Pottery Barn

Holman Entertaining Shelves – $89

Don’t have a traditional bar but would like the benefit of one? Try out these floating shelves out of Pottery Barn. Use three or two on both sides of a mirror and set a little buffet, parsons dining table or other countertop below it — minute pub!

Seltzer Studios

Conceal Book Shelf – $11

This is a very cool and innovative way to display novels. You can’t even find the thin ledge. Display colorful books on multiple shelves at a tall column or horizontal row.


Davis Wall Shelf – $39.95

Try out a simple, narrow floating ledge like that to display picture frames. Put a couple above one another, side-by-side or in a step-down pattern on a wall a stairwell.

Spine Wall Shelf – $79

This floating Spine Wall Shelf from West Elm gives you five shelves to show off collectibles. Mix in some novels for a more casual feel.

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn Holman Shelf – $239

This rich wood will warm up any wall and gives you room to your favorite tchotchkes.

Jennifer Weiss Architecture

There are a number of kinds of floating furniture bits you are able to install in a wall, also! They’re great space savers and look really sleek and modern.

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