Seattle Couple Restyles Their House for a Wedding

Let me introduce you to Michele and Ryan, the duo behind the Seattle-based classic treasure trove, Reinspired Home.

Michele and Ryan purchased their home in Seattle’s Central District annually before their wedding this past year. Not wanting to shell out a pretty penny for a reception fee alone, they instead chose to put money into their three-bedroom home, which was built in 1903. “We did not wish to lease a venue that could be gone the day after the wedding,” says Michele. “We set the majority of our budget towards landscaping and other home improvements projects that we will enjoy for several years.”

It was a priority for 100 of the nearest and dearest and four critters to be in attendance, and the only means for them to pull-off this accomplishment would be to have a wedding at home.

Kristen Marie

The Blank Canvas

Ryan thought Michele was mad for wanting this home. “I watched a blank canvas. A big, wood-shingled, sterile canvas”

The entryway was a design challenge for the Tanseys, who simply opted to keep a little closet beside the door and put in a coat rack in lieu of a full entry cupboard, while making sure that the area flowed organically with the remainder of the living space.

Kristen Marie

A good friend gave them a contemporary iteration of a traditional moose head, this same one by Vlaemsch. Michele managed to exchange it back to the individual who gave it to her for a classic Kilim rug she was eyeing.

The chandelier was purchased on Craigslist for $90. “The chandelier is among the most beautiful things I’ve ever noticed. I like seeing it juxtaposed against the remainder of the home, which is pretty rustic,” Michele says.

The downstairs bathroom wall (which might have been Michele’s’something blue’) is at Benjamin Moore’s Newbury Port Blue. They’re still on the lookout for a new medicine cabinet but for now, it remains as is.

The hexagonal tiles, additional to provide the bathroom new life, are from Home Depot. “Ryan’s dad had the idea to put them out with the black border around the perimeter to provide it a luxury, custom feel,” says Michele.

The few describes the bathroom’s previous incarnation as”awful.” They initially went with a builder who had been easier on their pockets than others they had canvassed. “Let us become a lesson for new homeowners: check references and do not always go with the cheapest bid,” says Michele. They could hire a new contractor and therefore are more than happy with the outcome.

So she could see all of her dishes and thrift acquisitions, Michele chosen for exposed cabinetry. She and Ryan also added the beadboard backsplash, butcher-block counters, and plantation sink a few months after moving to the home.

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The couple describe their style sense as”eclectic, classic, grandma,” and glean design inspiration from all around the board: Anthropologie, Pendleton, Mad Men, the city of Seattle, their pets, botanical prints and greenhouses, to name a couple.

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This wingback armchair was already sold to some woman at a Goodwill store in Bremerton — that is, until Ryan, found here moments before he joins his bride, chased her into her car and begged her for this so he could give it to Michele. “She sold it to us for $50 and wished us a happy married life together,” says Michele.

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The couple did most of them. The wedding was the culminating event, but it couldn’t have happened without the blood, sweat, and tears that they had placed to the renovations.

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For your wedding, the bride filled the home and garden area with potted plants to provide the venue a lush feel. “I wanted the garden garden to be green anywhere — probably one of the reasons why I really like living in the Pacific Northwest.” Each of the flowers for your wedding day, mainly perennials and orchids, were purchased by the bridesmaid and the man of honour by the Farmer’s Market a few days before and kept refreshing in the cellar.

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Wedding guests sit facing art obtained by Michele from secondhand stores and estate sales throughout the years. “The collage over the sofa is my favourite thing in the home. I received each print for as small as a dollar in some places!” Michele’s love of botanical prints, topiaries, old photos, and portraits is apparent in her art collection.

Kristen Marie

The few served all 100 guests with glassware and silverware from their own set, which Michele purchased over the duration of a few months leading up to the wedding day.

Then — an unexpected clean slate

In an unfortunate twist of events, Michele and Ryan’s second floor succumbed to an electric house fire in early 2012, carrying with it many of the possessions. Now,”We are so happy to see proof of our house as we remember it until the flame because it merely documents all of the hard work we put into the home,” says Michele.

They are about to undergo a full remodel of the next floor and are buoyed by the options of the house’s potential.

“The home was such hard work that it had been difficult to see it . We’re focusing on taking care of those fewer high-quality things that we’re buying to replace what we had.”

Looking forward

Seeing the home after the fire was and is awful for the few, who liken the feeling of losing a loved one. “I believe that if your home is that significant to you then you really know it is a house,” says Michele. But they are looking at their misfortune as an chance to reconstruct from a clean slate, and have since started focusing on the reality that they don’t require that many products and things to be happy. The flame has assisted re-inspired them and has instructed them that things is simply that — things.

“As a believer, I was always putting money towards projects that made the home look better, but using a secure home ought to be the initial priority,” Michelle says. “Our first order of business will be getting our century-old house up to code”

They are upgrading their heating system to heated flooring, and are looking forward to having salvaged doors, and paneling the ceiling and walls to provide the second floor an attic feel.

“I am expecting to receive a claw-foot bath up there. It’s difficult to say goodbye to the way it had been, but it will be really amazing when it is done!”

Can you have a memorable wedding in your home? Share a photograph of your house wedding style and style choices in the comments section below!

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