8 Fantastic Freestanding Fireplaces to Warm Any Space

If you’re thinking about installing a fireplace, a design can be a good pick. It may be installed for much less price than a complete fireplace wall since it generally will not have a stone fascia, lights, or millwork. Designs vary from pragmatic and simple to modern designs which serve as sculpture in addition to a heating source.

Webber + Studio

Unique. A customized freestanding fireplace can serve as a piece of artwork. Jazz up any inside using a custom-designed fireplace at a unique shape to make an instant conversation piece.

Tip: Contact a local metal- or ironworker to assist you create a masterpiece of your very own.

LASC Studio

Heavy duty. This extreme, classic style is purely for heating — you won’t be able to observe the flames because there’s no glass on the doors. Construction means money stored on the heating bill.

Tip: Use heaps of firewood for a design element on your living space.

Siemasko + Verbridge

Wall mounted. Free up floor space by installing your chimney unit directly onto the wall. This space puts the twist on yesterday’s version.

Tip: Don’t think just in black — a unit like this in white can be a showstopper.

PLLC, Lynn Gaffney Architect

Miniature. Larger isn’t always better. The small nature of this freestanding fireplace complements this chamber very well, especially with the overextended flue. This dimension tends to function best once you don’t need to heat the entire room.

Tip: Just because it is freestanding does not mean you can’t have built-in seats. Look for a fireplace which has a seat for those chilly nights.

Mahoney Architects & Interiors

High fashion. Here, an all-white minimalist lacquered box with gasoline flames does the trick.

Tip: Advances in fireplace design imply that many fireplaces can be placed in almost any area of the house.

Webber + Studio

Built-in look. This fireplace is freestanding but has the look of a built-in. Add to the beauty of your unit by placing it within a market of its own.

Tip: Tile the back wall of the recess for extra flair.

Feldman Architecture, Inc..

Creatively placed. Your freestanding fireplace does not need to become a focal point, and it does not need to be in any particular area, either. This foyer fireplace invites people to find warm as soon as they walk in.

Tip: A fireplace in the entrance or foyer is a excellent way to dry winter boots, hats and mittens in colder weather.


Retro. Revive a retro style by including a quintessential fireplace to take you back in time. The cherry-red color of this one says classic like nothing else. I had a similar one in my childhood home.

Tip: Use the hue of the fireplace as an accent color and complement it with pillows, candles or rugs.

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