Trend Alert: Mercury Glass Buffs Up Decor

Ladies love a little bit of sparkle. Glitter and sequins may fill our wardrobes, and we frequently go gaga over diamonds and pearls. Along with our love of shimmer transcends closets and jewelry — we frequently need some bling within our home decor too. Where mercury glass comes from, that is.

Mercury glass is quite popular today; you’ve likely been bombarded with shiny, textured items made with it in each home store you’ve entered lately. Though it has gained passionate followers in the last few decades, this finishing technique has existed since the 1840s. Produced in what’s now the Czech Republic, mercury glass (or “silvered glass”) was originally a bad person’s silver ; created of a double glass wall with the inside filled with mercury, items could pass as good silver to a not-so-close observer.

Since real mercury is currently regarded as dangerous, modern, safe-to-use variations of mercury glass are all so knockoffs of their first knockoffs. And whether you fancy a staunch traditionalist, an eclectic artist or a contemporary trendsetter, there is a mercury glass appearance to fit your kind of decor.

Alice Lane Home Collection

Traditional. Bring mercury glass back to its traditional roots with elegant urns and vases in a dining room. Together with the crystal chandelier, herringbone flooring and worn dining wood table, this room is filled with old-world charm.

Rachel Reider Interiors

Modern. Mercury glass does not need to overpower; utilized in the ideal way, it can complement even the very simple, unique decor. Paired with a one-piece stone sink that is textured and warm tones, these modern pendants offer some extra texture and a splash of sheen.

Jenny Baines, Jennifer Baines Interiors

Eclectic. Add an eclectic touch to a traditional space by trying colored mercury glass pendant lighting. It provides a pop of color to this mostly white kitchen, and transitions the space from everyday decor to a little something unique.

Weaver Custom Homes

Contemporary. Pair mercury glass fittings with an antique metallic mirror. Both work well together and deliver a few contemporary personality to chambers with traditional foundations.

Shabby chic. The worn, weathered look of silvered glass blends in perfectly with rustic chairs, burlap drapes and antique finds.

Chic Decor & Design

Holiday. Thanks to its sparkly look, mercury glass and the holiday season are quite the game. Add a few metallic ornaments and candlesticks to your mantel, bring in bits of red and voilĂ  — holiday decor for any living room.

Lamps Plus

Transitional Jamie Young Small Wired Mercury Glass Table Lamp – $219.91

For those looking for a just-back-from-the-beach appearance, this rustic netted table lamp brings dreams of this shore and sounds of the ocean directly to your living room.


Silver Mercury Glass Fruit Bowl – Nick Munro – $140

This sleek, modern piece is perfect for people who love the metallic appearance but can do without the weathered, textured look. Its sleek finish makes it a great addition to a glossy kitchen.


Set of 3 Mercury Glass Candleholders – $59.50

If gold is more your thing, don’t worry: Mercury glass does not always need to be silver. These fancy, regal candleholders demonstrate that traditional gold is just as glamorous.

QVC, Inc..

Lit Mercury Glass Pumpkins – $35.58

These accessories that are vibrant turn the standard pumpkin into a sparkly masterpiece. The flickering light indoors enhances the mercury glass shine, truly making them eye-catching decorations.

West Elm

Mercury Owls – $14

Owls also are all of the rage, so why not pair two tendencies in one accessory? These owls deliver a edge without overdoing it ideal and subdued.

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