12 Cozy Corner Banquettes for Kitchens Big and Small

When I was little, I had a great aunt who lived at a snazzy ’50s ranch house. Her kitchen had all the hallmarks of this age of architecture, including a cozy corner banquette. Her banquette had yellowish cushions and a square table. I would sit there and watch her cook along with her honey-colored beehive hairstyle and her standard-issue uniform of apron and house slippers.

Corner banquettes are great for a casual eating experience, morning coffee or a dialogue hub while cooking. Pull up a chair and have a look at those cozy, corner banquettes. You would be surprised how little space is necessary for such a seating arrangement; the cozier the greater.

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This is the precise configuration of my aunt’s old kitchen, for example, half round shelves at the end of the peninsula. The shelves are a excellent place to store napkins or cookbooks.

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An old fashioned notion with modern styling. The Saarinen-style table is a perfect choice for this sleek corner banquette. Have a tight corner? Try a 36-inch round desk; it will be a little easier to maneuver around.

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Another tip for corner banquettes is to use a desk which has a base base. No nook legs to wiggle around.

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A banquette technically includes upholstery, however you can make a wood bench work, too. An all-wood corner banquette is able to look seamless with the kitchen cabinets. Notice how the top border is constructed out marginally to double as a shelf.

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Corner banquettes may also be constructed out to include storage below the seat. I really like the mixed woods in this kitchen. Table and Chair colors don’t have to be the same.

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Try multiple small tables rather than a single centre table. Casual, comfortable dining just needs a surface large enough to get a plate or two.

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This is what I call a coffee nook. It’s just large enough to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee and read the morning newspaper. Notice the way the back cushion has exaggerated height to elongate the distance.

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Too cool to be square? Try a rounded banquette instead. This one includes a foundation constructed into the corner, and the attached, custom upholstery then takes on a rounded shape. A round table is the best choice for this type of configuration.

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Here is a solution to get a corner with a floor-to-ceiling window one of those walls. Just construct the banquette directly in the front of the window. I suggest that the banquette be backless therefore it will not detract from the opinion.

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If you have windows on both corner walls, then assemble the banquette at typical seat height: 17-19 inches finished. Use cushions rather than a built-in pillow.

A corner banquette may also solve the problem of too much space. If you’ve got an oversized kitchen, think about a dining-room-size banquette. Numerous seats and overhead pendant lights bring down the scale of this generous space and generate a cozy seating area.

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External corners work, too. I love this “Starbucks style” eating place. Not exactly a banquette, but nevertheless a smart use of an outside corner to make clever utility space.

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