Working Ikea In

I adore Ikea. It’s been a boon for thrifty design hounds, and there is not any better location for finding pieces to provide a small space. It’s classic principles and a continuous supply of new layouts (and don’t even get me started about the frozen yogurt).

But it isn’t without its drawbacks. Horrible instructions, mazelike stores and particleboard however, Ikea can get, well, awfully Ikea-looking — which is, cheap and unimaginative. Like hot sauce or men’s cologne, it ought to be used sparingly and with great judgment.

However, when it works, it really works. Here are 10 strategies to utilize Ikea to its best advantage.

Mercedes Corbell Design + Architecture

The concealed item. That is an original area with a ton of personality and colour. The white Expedit bookcase is from Ikea, but that is not what you’d notice upon entering.

Kate Jackson Design

The children’ basic. Virtually everyone I know with children has this Lusy Blom rug. It shouts Ikea, but in addition, it screams fun and youth. Additionally, if there were a place it’d be a rug in the kids’ area. This thing takes a real beating (and of course hefty sprinkles of glue and glitter).

Lauren Liess Interiors

The small touch. Ikea has great textiles. These curtains are manufactured from Ikea cloth but are masquerading as true originals.

The mash-up. That is my property. A lot of the furniture is vintage. The dining room seats have been salvaged off the road, and the Tranetorp dining table and Sigurd bench are pristine Ikea. From appearing mono eras and styles keeps things.

Restyled Home

The statement piece. The PS Maskros lamp is a recognizable Ikea thing, but it’s sufficient design chops to maintain its own.

See more ways of how to utilize the Maskros lamp.

Jennifer – Rambling Renovators

The ideal shelving. Ikea makes great shelves. It may be exactly what the company does best. And shelves are basic enough to mix. As long as the rest of the room isn’t pure Ikea, go mad with the shelving.


The copy. The acrylic Tobias chair is quite large design and much, much lower in cost than the Ghost Seat, to whom it owes its fame.


The Ikea hack. This cupboard is tricked out with upholstery nails. It resembles a Hollywood regency designer piece.

Harrell Remodeling, Inc..

The simple piece. This Malm platform mattress is muted and completely unflashy. It works because it lets the rest of the area speak.


The small tweak. This white sideboard is a helpless shelf with castors added to the base. 1 little change could equal a design improvement that is big.

I Love Ikea

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