Tips to Maximize Cabinet Space

Nowadays, decorators are moving towards incorporating the same design principles you’d find in other areas of the home, such as incorporating large windows, indoor/outdoor living, unique furniture pieces, and even custom storage. For example, instead of using normal wall house repairs that tend to take up a lot of space, some decorators are expanding the space by expanding the windows and installing something like an armoire or a hutch as storage. Both options offer an accessible storage option that also scores major style points.

That being said, one can easily overdo it with cabinets, especially because there are so many available options to choose from now when it comes to kitchen organization. However, you need to keep in mind the functionality of said storage, and whether it will be accessible and easy to work with for everyone in the household. Typically, storage pieces that protrude from the wall and onto the floor space take up a lot of space that could be used to bring depth and lightness to the room.

Below are a few useful tips that you could use to maximize cabinet space while expanding overall space in your kitchen:

Use Pull-Out Trash Bins

Pull out bins are built into a particular part of the cabinets and into one of its doors, so that they stay hidden away and accessible only when you need them, instead of the traditional bin which is constantly taking up space.

Use Drawers Instead of Doors

Instead of designing your base handyman to have doors, opt for drawers instead. Drawers maximize space because they enable you to fit more items into the same amount of space compared to normal base cabinets with doors that leave large gaps of unused space.

Create Floor-to-Ceiling Storage

Dedicate the entire wall space of the area where you’ll be installing your cabinets to storage so that you’ll have floor-to-ceiling cabinets that provide you with more storage space, while giving you the opportunity to minimize the number of handyman services you need in order to increase the overall space in your kitchen.

Make Use of Your Corner Cabinet

Most people struggle to find purpose for the corner cabinet, whereas it can really go a long way to increase your storage capacity when used right.

Opt for a Pull-Out Pantry

Instead of making your pantry into a separate cabinet that consumes space in a separate area, incorporate it into your cabinet design and make it a pull-out pantry instead. This way, it’s more efficient and accessible as well.

Move the Doors and Windows Around

If you’re going for a space-maximizing cabinet, then you have to be willing to move some stuff around, and that includes some of the windows and doors in your kitchen that might stand in the way of making that space available. For example, you might have to move one of the windows from one side of the kitchen to the next, in order to combine the cabinets in a way that maximizes more space than having them separate.