The best way to Adhere Drywall into a Concrete Block

You’ll find disadvantages with this particular method of adhering it while it is possible to glue drywall into a block wall. In the event the drywall is touching the concrete, it’s vulnerable to any dampness that might buckle and occurs to be present there. Moreover, in case you actually want to eliminate the dry wall, obtaining the glue off the beaten track could be a laborious and time consuming work, and you will not be completely effective. By screwing or nailing the dry wall to the strips, and attaching furring strips to the wall, nevertheless, you you will not have both of these issues.

Cut strips -by 3 inch lumber using a circular saw allowing one to space them 16-inches aside for the whole width of the wall, as measured in the middle of every strip. They need to extend to the underside in the very best of the wall. Drill a collection of 3/8 inch holes along each strip, spacing them by 24 to 30-inches.

Make marks on the wall that are 16-inches apart, working toward another and beginning at one end. The interval between the 2nd- mark that is last and the one about the end can be less than 16-inches.

Center a strip on every plumb and mark it using a 4 foot level. Mark the positions of the holes in the strip on the wall using a pencil.

Drill a 1 1/2 inch hole in the wall on every pencil mark using a drill along with a masonry bit that’s the dimeter that is same as a steel screw anchor sleeve. Tap a sleeve in to each hole having a hammer. When the front-edge is flush using the wall it will fit snugly in the hole.

Replace the strips and generate a screw in to the sleeve behind it and to each hole in each strip. The wood should be bitten to by the head of the screw until it’s flush together with the surface.

Hang the dry wall around the furring strips like you had been hanging it utilizing 1-inch dry wall nails or dry wall screws.

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