Tap Into 8 Easy Kitchen Sink Updates

When I find myself considering my fantasy kitchen washing the dishes is generally. My kitchen’s latest condition includes oak cabinets, laminate that is old and a floral tile backsplash. To say this is my style would be an understatement. There is A kitchen remodeln’t in the not too distant future for me, but I want to make upgrades.

I chose to get started with the kitchen sink area. It’s amazing how changing out fixtures, including some plants as well as altering the soap dispenser can make all the difference in getting your kitchen led in the ideal direction. Here are a few suggestions you can use in your own kitchen.

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1. Update the valance. Once we moved to our new house it was sporting a somewhat obsolete valance which has been immediately eliminated. I’m currently hunting for the ideal fabric to add pattern and some color to the window over the sink.

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2. Buy a soap dispenser. Believe it or not, small touches such as a soap dispenser are noticed in a kitchen. It’s an item everyone uses, so it should be one that you like.


3. Plant a windowsill herb garden. Irrespective of the climate, you can grow herbs in the windowsill. There is nothing quite like snipping fresh herbs if you need them, and also the life they will add to the space can’t be beat.

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4. Replace the pendant light. Pendant lights are available in a number of styles and in many price points. This update will make a huge impact.

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5. Save for a new faucet. Sink faucets may add as much style to the kitchen. Even though they may be spendy, it’s worth saving up for one you really love.

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6. Decorate. Sometimes people forget that fundamental items like plates and cookbooks may be used decoratively. Displaying these items on a shelf rather than tucking them away in a cupboard will add color and personality to your kitchen.

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7. Add fresh flowers. There is nothing quite like washing dishes next to an arrangement of freshly cut fragrant flowers. You will be surprised by how happy they will make you.

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8. Locate dish towels. Updating your kitchen linens will breath new life into the area. In addition, it is a great way to integrate a color scheme into your kitchen.

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