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Artist Uta Nagel is blending photography, architectural and technology glass and carrying all three to new heights. She started her career as a graphic designer and photographer from the fashion business, and became interested with large-scale images for offices. “There was such a shortage of good thoughts and good inventive firm-related images,” she states. “So I devised some big images and was blessed to have a broker that took me worldwide.” Among her big projects was a hospital in Toronto.

Now in Vancouver, Nagel continues to create her craft and works on residential projects in addition to commercial ones. “I reinvent and elevate architectural glass into a unique interior design component to the 21st century,” she states. “Trying to push the bounds beyond artwork, I’m always striving to merge technology with design.” Here’s a look at how she’s done so thus far.

Utanagel Design – Art Glass

The idea to use these on insides came out of a lack of good options available. “It was mainly the longing for big artwork that incorporates the wall that motivated me other than wallpaper, it’s tough to find,” Nagel says.

Producing the pieces “is an intuitive process — it’s very particular to the project and psychological,” Nagel says. “Sometimes clients will have an idea and inform me the feeling they want to have when entering a distance, and then I make that.”

A number of the exceptional qualities of Nagel’s work are reflection and dimension. “We play a lot with lit images — so that you can actually find more depth out of a room,” she states.

The glass may also be used for solitude, as an area screen or divider.

“that I really like to light the images from behind so that at night they become part of their indoor lighting,” she states.

Utanagel Design – Art Glass

The images are photos by Nagel or her team, which is also directed by architect Vadim Kadoshnikov; character is her favorite subject. She transforms the photos into graphic design elements that fit the space she’s working with. As an example, the graceful silhouettes of trees add to the relaxed feel of this toilet.

Utanagel Design – Art Glass

Following decades of Nagel’s growing the process, the final product is watertight, UV-proof for 30 decades and very hardy. It can also take on vibrant colors, even neon hues. Are you considering which wall in your home is calling for you right now? I’m.

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