Steps of Remodel Success: Bathrooms by the Numbers

It could appear that toilet design is all artistry, with a soothing mixture of colors, textures and spa features. However, this region of the house can be tricky too, so it also comes down to the numbers. Knowing the next amounts will help you remodel your bathroom so that it’s both beautiful and functional.

Designers and codes do not always agree entirely on those, so once you get ready to build or remodel, be sure to check local requirements.

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15: The minimal distance in inches from the center of your bathroom to the adjacent walls. Fifteen inches may not look like much, also it is not. Many designers will allow over this to avoid a squeezed-in feeling. Similarly, allow at least 24 inches of clear space in front of the bathroom.

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30: The height in inches of a normal toilet vanity. This measurement can vary considerably by taste and the kind of sink you choose. If you pick a vessel sink, you may really like your countertop lower so the top of the sink is at 30 inches. You may also wish to change the vanity height based on how tall you should make certain that it’s comfortable.

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80: The elevation of a showerhead in inches. This is just another feature that could vary based on the height of these in the home. There is A nice compromise really a shower on a bar. This way it can be adjusted to the right height for anybody with it, and you get the additional advantage of having the ability to easily clean your shower or bathtub by removing the showerhead from its cradle.

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75: the typical dollar cost of tempering a toilet window, if required by code. Most building codes require tempering for any windows that are placed on walls with showers or bathtubs below them. Tempering keeps the glass from splintering in case it breaks, which lowers the potential for injury.

2: The centimeter diameter of rock slab typically used when installed as a backsplash. You may pick a 3-centimeter slab for your countertop, but if you try to put in a remnant for a backsplash or sidesplash, then you could be disappointed by how thick it looks. Many fabricators can mill a remnant down to two centimeters so you have a sleeker appearance whilst matching your counter tops.

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50: The number of CFMs (cubic feet per minute of air fluctuations) most codes need as a minimum in tub fans. Getting exactly the correct amount of CFMs for your bathroom involves calculating the amount of the room and the duration of the ductwork. There are charts available online to help with this calculation. Add some bells and whistles to that fan with timers, humidity-sensing controls and other features.

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2.5: The maximum gallons per minute permitted to stream through showerheads. There are lots of lower-flow choices that feel as though they have a higher flow rate because they’re under higher pressure or have another head configuration. It is great to see a showroom where multiple showerheads are hooked up so that you can observe how they spray before you buy.

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1/16, 1/8 or 3/8: The width in inches of your grout lines. The chances are actually limitless, but it is something to consider carefully while selecting tile. The grout line will determine not just how your tile looks, but how it lays out. If you have 5 feet of room to fill, do not anticipate five 12- by 12-inch tiles to fit perfectly. Figure in grout lines to understand whether you’ll have to cut some tiles and where you desire those cuts.

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3 or 4: The maximum square-inch size of tile easily installed in the pan of a common shower. Because the skillet slopes to the drain (usually in the center) larger tiles can not be installed to match the slope without being trimmed. Sometimes a cut installation can operate, but it is easier to install tiles. A side advantage of the tiny tiles is they have more grip because of the grout lines.

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