Refreshing Color Pops for Holiday Tabletops

It’s nice to see alternative holiday palettes on tabletops this season. Even though there’s nothing wrong with going with a traditional Christmas red and green tabletop, Brooke Pratt and Lindsay Reums out of Sucre Shop say they’re always looking for a distinctive twist in regards to their holiday installment. “I always push myself to set my table apart from what I’m seeing out there, even if it’s just for a little gathering,” says Reums. Here’s how Sucre Shop along with other designers put a fun and new twist on the traditional red and green holiday combination this year by choosing on-trend colors and colors.

Bernella Gooseberry

Aloe Green and Poppy Red

Pratt says this dessert table had one purpose: to make eating ice cream absolutely okay in winter. The typically summery cure is warmed up with hot chocolate and therefore’more toppings.

She incorporated dessert accessories at on-trend colors: aloe green and poppy red. She says, “Poppy red is brighter than the traditional red we see out of Christmas past. And aloe green has a cooling look and is completely different in the deep greens we all connect with the holidays.”

Bernella Gooseberry

Reams enjoys dining table or making the dessert table somewhere of interaction and creativity. “I really like the idea of dessert as a activity instead of something that is happening to you. The table really forces guests to create something unique,” she says.

Bernella Gooseberry

The Sucre Shop designers discuss the following tips about how to produce your tabletop stick out in those of years past:
Insert typography. Give guests the feeling that you just took the time to make the table just a tiny bit extraordinary. Print out or write meals labels, tags and signs. (Get completely free printable templates) Pick a focus. Thefocal point here is your ice cream cup arrangement, which stands out due to its central placement and typography. Have different degrees. Pick containers and serving pieces with different sizes. “We placed the cups on a cake stand to lift it a bit, but you may use whatever’s lying around the home: wrapped gifts, crates and empty boxes that you could liven up,” says Reams.

Whitney Lyons

Royal Blue and Lemon-Zest Yellow

The gnome decor of this eclectic Portland, Oregon, home adds a playful touch to the dining room, but what really sticks out is that the royal blue tablecloth, that ties all of the Christmas accessories collectively.

Whitney Lyons

Yellow plates and bowls throw the tabletop some zing.

Sucre Shop

Sucre Shop

Here, Pratt put a “twist” on her Hanukkah dessert table (this photo and previous) with letters made from foam-core plank and lit up with world string lights. (Get step-by-step directions)

Instead of using traditional golden, she brightened the table with yellowish, in the signal and sprinkles; it’s a kid-friendly hue that is more intense and brighter than traditional golden.

Hot Pink and Deep Purple

For a home tour, designers Martha Agnus and Eche Martinez created this contemporary tablescape with silk flower balls in the San Francisco Flower Market, metallic placemats, mercury glass vases and metallic pendant lights out of Plug Lighting.

Hot-pink decorations tie together and personalize each table setting. Every bright-colored ornament takes the place of a formal place card ; the names are written with a Sharpie marker and may be removed with alcohol for reuse.

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