Information & Specs for your Husqvarna 42 Special Chain Saw

Husqvarna’s 42 Unique is a medium-sized chain saw that fits a extensive choice of guide bars. The 42 Unique’s weight makes it a bad candidate for working at the canopy of trees, but it is suitable for bucking limbs and felling little to medium-sized trees at Landscaping design Long Beach, CA level. The 42 Unique is just one of three saws in precisely the exact same model family, which includes the 242XP and 246.

Engine Specs

The 42 Unique utilizes a two-cycle single-cylinder engine rated at 2.1 horsepower. The cylinder is bored to 1.65 inches in diameter with a whole volume of 2.6 cubic inches. This cylinder supports one piston that operates at a maximum rate of 14,500 revolutions per minute and is designed to idle at 2,700 rpm having a breath of 1.18 inches.

Ignition and Fuel Systems

The 42 Unique uses a model HDA98 Walbro new carburetor to control the flow of fuel into the motor from the fuel tank. The fuel tank holds 1.1 pints of fuel, while the bar oil tank holds 0.57 pints of bar oil. Petroleum is delivered to the guide bar from an automated oil pump in a rate of 3 to 7 milliliters per minute with the motor operating at 8,500 rpm. This saw uses two-cycle motor oil to get air-cooled engines mixed with gasoline at a ratio of 1 part oil each 33 parts gasoline. Husqvarna recommends using gasoline with an octane rating of 90 to reduce the risk of thermal damage to the motor.

Reducing Accessories

There are five sizes of guide bar harmonious with the 42 Unique: 11-, 13-, 15-, 16- and also 18-inch guide bars. The standard guide bar for this saw is just 13 inches long, however. At full power, the chain rotates around these bars in 17.9 meters per second. The chain is driven around the guide bar by a 7-tooth drive sprocket that’s compatible with chains and bars with a pitch of 0.325 inch. The groove in the guide bar which the string’s drive hyperlinks fit into has a width of 0.05 or even 0.058 inch.

Chain Saw Ergonomics

Two-cycle engines have short mufflers that may generate noise levels strong enough to damage an individual’s hearing over periods of long exposure. The 42 Special generates 106.5 decibels of sound while in operation that’s effectively reduced to 99.5 decibels in the operator’s ear. Wearing hearing protection when you use your saw protects you from long-term hearing loss. Vibrations generated by the 42 Unique will cause exhaustion and can damage joints in the hands and arms. The front handle of the saw vibrates at 3.6 meters per second squared, while the rear handle vibrates at 5.4 meters per second squared. The total amount of vibration translated from the motor into the user is reduced by shock absorbers mounted in the rear handle.