How to Eliminate a Homelite Trimmer Clutch

The spanner clutch on your Homelite trimmer is powered by the engine crankshaft, sending electricity through the clutch into the boom that turns the string trimmer cutting mind. The clutch uses centrifugal force to get in touch with the clutch drum that is linked to the boom cutter and shaft head. Exactly like a clutch in a vehicle, that the Homelite trimmer clutch gradually wears with use and has to be replaced. Additionally, the spanner clutch has to be removed to access the engine crankcase internal working parts for repair, however clutch replacement may not be vital.

Unplug the ignition cable lead electric coupled connectors by hand to enable the trimmer starter housing to be separated in your string trimmer engine. The string trimmer ignition switch cable leads are on the base of the trimmer throttle handle.

Unscrew the throttle cable bracket retaining screw in the engine bottom having a flathead screwdriver or No. 25 star-head screwdriver. You should also pull the throttle cable housing retainer grommet in the engine air filter bracket with needle-nosed pliers on Homelite DX and ZR model string trimmers. Squeeze the plastic throttle cable housing tabs with needle-nosed pliers while pulling free the grommet in the air filter bracket.

Unhook the Z-shaped end of the throttle cable in the carburetor throttle plate with needle-nosed pliers; lay the throttle cable into the side to make room to remove the starter housing.

Unscrew the four throttle handle/boom assembly retaining screws in the string trimmer starter housing having a flathead screwdriver or No. 25 star-head screwdriver. Pull the throttle handle/boom assembly in the string trimmer starter housing to obtain the string trimmer clutch housing and clutch parts.

Unscrew the four spanner clutch housing retaining bolts in the starter housing with a 5/16-inch socket wrench on ST/PRO series string trimmers. Pull the spanner clutch housing free in the string drier front starter housing to obtain the spanner clutch and spanner clutch parts.

Unscrew the spark plug in the engine cylinder having a 5/8-inch spark plug socket wrench. Push a 20- to 24-inch period of string down into the engine cylinder spark plug hole to function as a soft piston stop to allow the engine spanner clutch to be removed. Unscrew the spanner clutch drum and connector captive retaining screw in the middle of the engine crankshaft having a long No. 25 star-head screwdriver.

Slide the string trimmer engine spanner clutch drum and connector totally free from the string trimmer engine crankshaft. Turn the string trimmer on the rear of the engine with the engine spanner clutches facing upward. Fit a two-pin spanner clutch removal program onto the top of the engine spanner clutch with the spanner clutch removal program pins inserted into the spanner clutch face.

Unscrew the left side spanner clutch with a spanner clutch removal program and 7/8-inch socket wrench. Set a 7/8-inch socket wrench on top of the hex-shaped head of the spanner clutch removal program. Turn the socket wrench counterclockwise to remove the left side spanner clutch from the spanner clutch plate. Repeat this process to remove the right side spanner clutch in the spanner clutch plate.

Unscrew the spanner clutch plate in the engine crankshaft with big pliers.