Harvest the Bounty of a Patio Garden

Growing edibles, whether veggies, fruit or herbs, has come a long way from the days of big gardens and an equally large time commitment. Now, with the ideal preparation, you can grow your edibles along the edge of a deck, in pots on your patio or perhaps on the edge of a wall onto a little balcony.

Squeezing veggies in as part of your overall landscape is a time-honored concept around the world that has become new again. It is especially helpful when your true gardening space is restricted or if the only shining room in your yard is the area where you unwind and hang out.

You really do need to take some precautions, however. Watering a deck or patio can leave them cause damage. On a balcony or upper deck, especially a roof deck, the burden of soil-laden pots can be an issue. And for larger plantings, such as tomatoes, peppers or rainbow trees, you ought to ensure that the pots are large enough, usually a 16-inch minimal diameter and corresponding relational thickness.

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Both edibles and people can catch some sun in this long patio space. The contemporary styling of the alloy planters fits the styling of the remainder of the space, and rosemary creates a fragrant (and edible) division between the two sections. As a bonus, the gravel surface is equally low maintenance and reminiscent of traditional French gardens while additionally allowing excess water to drain easily.

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A Mediterranean terrace almost requires a potted dwarf citrus or two. Not only are they evergreen, but you can pretty much count on fruit or blossoms (or both) through the year. Although the general diameter at the peak of these urns might be marginally less than ideal, the form and elevation give them lots of room for origins. Lemon and citrus are the usual options, but why don’t you consider a lime (convenient access for a mojito) or a kumquat?

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A tall wood planter box not only adds interest to one side of a pergola, but it can also function as a handy spot for any number of herbs and vegetables. Maintain the plantings simple and cohesive — a row of thyme or Swiss chard or, if shaded enough, varieties of lettuce. Or mix them tomatoes and peppers interspersed with basil and oregano, and perhaps a zucchini hanging over the side. Insert a few flowers for color and also to attract beneficial insects, butterflies and birds.

This planter sits on only one side of the space. However, in case you want more growing room, add a few more about the borders. By partly surrounding the space, they will make it feel much more like a separate outdoor room.

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Here’s the exact same idea of a planter box that’s an extension of the adjoining deck, only this time on high. You could even grow some climbing edibles (tomatoes, beans, even grapes) within the trellis above.

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Even if your balcony space is much more compact than usual, vegetables can still match in. The overhead here isn’t ideal as a support for veggies, but it does produce a window impact, with the planter beneath serving as a window , only now on the interior of the room.

Evenly spaced dwarf fruit trees or climbing vegetables (use contemporary steel supports instead of bamboo or wood) can be planted to create a grid impact that frames the vista beyond; subsequently fill in below with edibles along with other crops. The crops will benefit from their daylong exposure to the sun, even though you are able to unwind in a more shaded spot.

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This space might have just enough room for a table and four chairs, however, the fruit round it is abundant. If citrus is not an option in your region, look for additional dwarf fruit trees or flip the surrounding space to some vegetable extravaganza, with lettuces and other cool-season plants near the tree and the sun fans out in the borders.

A little balcony off the primary square in town of Korcula, on the Dalmatian island of the identical name, has likely been used for flowers and vegetables for centuries. It is just as useful now, especially in the somewhat cramped quarters of the older city. Filling the stone trough edging with removable planters makes upkeep and replanting much simpler. The stone walls reflect heat, even when surrounding buildings may shade the space.

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Strawberry Patio Planter – $12.99

It is true that almost everything can function as a strawberry bud, however a pink jeans-inspired planter is certainly one of the more bizarre resources. As seen here, strawberry planters are not just for strawberries; they are equally good for herbs and more compact veggies as well. Radish pot, anybody?


Ezgro Original Hydroponic Garden Planter – $99.99

Hydroponic gardening is a good choice if you’d like a lot of food in a little space and don’t need to fuss with all the mess and burden of soil — especially beneficial when you reside in a home.

You will find any number of programs available at specialty stores and online, and you can often maintain your food production going for weeks with minimal fuss.


Rolling Patio Vegetable Planter – $129.99

What could be simpler than a simple tray of veggies or herbs which you can wheel in the sunniest spot in your space? The tray, that comes in two different heights, has a reservoir for water below the planter, which can help keep the plant roots from drying out and prevents spills on the surface below.

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Small Spaces Vegetable Planters – GBP 15.95

These planters come in packs of 3. The various sizes means that you may adapt them to everything you wish to grow, and built-in grips mean they are simple to move. Note that the drainage holes punched in the sides (and also in the base ). They are a nice industrial touch that’s also practical.


Imported Contemporary Fiberglass Cube Planters – $198

Simply because your style is contemporary does not mean that there is not a planter for you. For a juxtaposition of the contemporary with the homey, look at using the large you to grow your own different-colored potatoes.


Artichoke Pot – $29

This artichoke pot, in 5 inches , is so tiny you can’t grow much in it except an occasional berry, but who can resist the look?

Willow Planter for Herbs – GBP 18.95

Willow planters and herbs are a natural mix. A planter similar to this can also function as a centerpiece on a table. When it’s filled with herbs, it is handy for individual seasonings during an outdoor dinner celebration.


Big Garden Center Cedar Planter Box – $299.99

If you are more serious about your gardening, or just want easier access into the produce, consider adding a raised planter/storage bench to your deck or patio. It provides you a lot of planting space, plus a convenient place for fertilizers, extra pots or tools. If the wood look does not work for you, finish it with a nontoxic paint or stain.

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