ers' Tablescapes Capture the Thanksgiving Spirit

We set the call, and ers answered, sharing their Thanksgiving tablescape customs and spins. Here’s a smattering of what these clever table setters are up to.

Becky in the blog This Is Happiness keeps matters simple but adds special touches to remind her guests what the evening is all about. “My children are 7 and 4 1/2,” she says, “so I included a simple note with the words ‘I’m thankful for’ so they could think about and write down what they’re thankful for this holiday season.”

“I kept my Thanksgiving tablescape simple using an old reclaimed wood plank as my heart runner,” she says. “I included burlap and jute ribbon in addition to add layers and texture. My centerpiece basket includes pinecones that my daughter gathered, and the greenery is from our landscape” White plates and glass candleholders finish off the look.

“Pumpkins, fall colors and candles abound in our Thanksgiving tablescape,” says consumer christiebishop.

Her magnificent arrangements set the autumn color palette. “I fill golden rectangular vases using an range of flowers in autumn colours — off-whites, burnt strawberry and oranges,” she says. “I add a stick of 2 of decorative eggplants, otherwise called ‘pumpkin on a stick.'” Then she scatters mini pumpkins, more gourds and white votive candles around the desk.

“I have the great pleasure of hosting Thanksgiving at my house this season,” says consumer melissaskidmore. “I will set three tables, however this is definitely the most formal one in the dining room. I can’t await a day of fun and food!”

consumer minasteen continues family customs that go back for generations while still incorporating new customs as well. “My grandmother had great linens, and my mom had great English sterling silver ; Thanksgiving is a time when I often think of them,” she says. “In tribute, I made this table will use Mom’s crystal and china. The fabulous turkey is my brand new acquisition and a true prize!”

Blogger Kim Nichols is joining in on the fun although she is not hosting Thanksgiving this season. She used all the gorgeous blue and white pottery she already had in her dining room to make a table to admire every day. “I don’t do a tall centerpiece when we were really eating here. This is strictly for looks,” she says.

consumer clevor1 has so many guests coming that her tables will span many rooms at the home. “This year, 30 people will sit at one table … the tables length a dining room, foyer and living room,” she clarifies. “It’s fun to have everyone eating in precisely the exact same time. The tables, tablecloths and plates are a variety of sizes and colours. The centerpieces need to be simple and slender for the middle of these tables. Not overly formal but very enjoyable!”

Ornamental pumpkins, a horn of plenty and fresh flowers adorn this sophisticated table dressed by consumer sellis854.

ers ensure the children’ tables are special too. Nikilamo ensures that the children are happy past turkey time. She found the directions to get a paper bag popcorn turkey on “I’d a kids’ table at which we made a paper bag turkey full of popcorn … the children had their very own turkey they could tear into for carmel corn and popcorn for snacking on after the big dinner,” she says.

“I created a turkey cookie bouquet for a centerpiece,” says lisasplace07. “It will be perfect for a kids’ table”

consumer lolabullock left crayons out so that guests could draw on the paper tablecloth, a move that keeps little ones contented. “I ended up having a lot of fantastic table art!” She says.

Moving back to grown-up land, user pursue starts off with a classic linen tablecloth then adds layers of textiles, china and glass, including glass chargers, Fioriware dinner plates and Gien salad plates.

Princicrib sets every place with wedding china, crystal and silver, then adds Mackenzie Child napkin bands and velvet pumpkins.

Tapcag1 pulls out her favorite Thanksgiving tablecloth to inspire a table.

Gschneiderwanted to maintain the table “simple but hot, so we packed wooden trays with lots of candles and layered with brown and red leathery leaves,” she says. “It went well with the wooden tables, ivory ironstone and a few vintage silver pieces.”

She dressed the food and drink serving areas with more leaves in the lawn.

consumer twilcox’s Pottery Barn table runner inspired her to try out something new with her own centerpiece. “I am not sure if you can observe the ceramic turkey salt and pepper shakers, however they’re hand-me-downs from my grandmother,” she says. I cherish them and use them each year!”

Kathia Emery of Emery & Associates Interior Design says, “Blue and white china always makes me happy!” The china is layered atop a vintage linen tablecloth with lace inserts, and someone special watches across the festivities. “A classic watercolor of Lao Tzu seems back on the table as if giving a blessing,” she says.

Elisespeaks searched all over the home for centerpiece items. “I used a combination of organic substances, candles, glass and stuff I found around the home to put this sprawling centerpiece,” she says.

Viktoria Proctor eventually felt settled at a new house thanks to Thanksgiving. “Last year we went through a comprehensive home remodel and proceeded back in early October,” she says. “Thanksgiving was the first time we stumbled back and got to relax a little bit. You are able to see all the toys and boxes around the picture … I had to pull my Johnson Brothers Heritage Hall china that we use each year.”

Szpinky admired the pumpkin last season using a pumpkin-embellished tablecloth, pumpkin dishes and pumpkin place card holders.

The hot accent wall at dbennett5’s dining room lends itself well to a comfy dinner gathering.

Nikilamo integrates a favorite colour to the Thanksgiving tablescape, stating, “I love robin’s egg blue, so I’ll do anything to make it work into any vacation!”

Finally, ers like to honor the history of the American vacation. “I purchased these pilgrims many years back but just purchased the mercury glass this season,” says kimscouncil. “Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.”

Share your own fall decorating photograph below — and make sure you take pictures of the year’s Thanksgiving table. Keep your eyes open for the Telephone for your Christmas decorating ideas!

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