8 Pink and Purple Rooms Sans Sugar Shock

When I was small, I desperately needed a”princess” bedroom: a giant white iron bed, a flouncy canopy and, first and foremost, an explosion of pink and purple, right down into the tiebacks on the ruffled curtains. My eyesight at that age was not just a study in smart (it may or may not have included giant grape-colored blossoms and gumball-pink polka dots).

My mom, thoughtful as always, told me that if I still loved the notion in five years, we’d make it happen. I think you understand the end.

Yet a tiny part of me still loves that pink and purple combo, also in these dull days of winter, it seems like just the thing to brighten a household mood. I do not actually have a location with this particular palette in my home, and you might not either, but we can all dream. Here are eight spaces that bring pink and purple from girlish fantasy to design-smart reality.

Tobi Fairley Interior Design

Pastel pink and purple set a chic mood , balanced by big strokes of white and furnishings with crisp, modern lines.

Nicole Freezer Rubens

This acid-tinged pink coverlet and bold rug add bite into the candy lavender walls. Swap out the accessories and the distance will be perfect for a young girl, but it takes on a bohemian chic.

Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

The side chairs around this table wear a purple that is almost grey, which divides the fuchsia and hot-pink tones in the other cloths.

Susan Jablon Mosaics

Without the visual, a pink- and – purple-tiled bathroom seems like… well, maybe not the best thought. However, this thoughtfully designed area is really a breath of fresh air.

Colorful tiles combined with white ones and a single rosy pink accent wall infuse the setting with only enough hue to liven it up. Oh, and that pink faucet? A knockout.

amanda nisbet

Deep eggplant, lavender and magenta colors combine for an unexpectedly dignified bedroom palette. Grayed-down whites assist mute the brighter colors’ intensity.

Caitlin Wilson Design

Here’s the way to go feminine without getting prissy. Restrained colors, an Asian-style print on the headboard, mod Jonathan Adler lamps and preppy monograms combine for a gentle, global-inspired boudoir.

Rikki Snyder

Full-on girly yet not in any respect cloying, this amazing space exudes pink and purple’s mod side. Those two watermelon-colored fauteuil chairs stimulate the room and give it its edge.

Pink and purple venture outside in this amazing landscape, which some may call an outdoor room: A set of bubblegum-colored chairs blends beautifully with the purple blossoms in the backyard.

Friend or foe? Tell us what you think about pink and purple together.

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