Palatable Palettes: 8 Amazing Kitchen Color Schemes

“There aren’t any bad colors, just lousy color blends,” said one of my interior layout mentors many years back. At first I cried with him, as there’s a certain shade of brown-mustard yellowish that I definitely wouldn’t want slathered all over my walls. But once I appeared on his announcement for a little, I realized that I’d seen that color used in ways which were quite lovely. It is definitely possible to make any single color work in your house — it’s all in how other colors and materials are incorporated with it. But how do you create a color palette?

Spend a few minutes browsing through the thousands of kitchens showcased on and you will quickly notice they come in all shapes, sizes, styles and colors. Colorwise they could run the gamut from eye catching, bright and daring, to light, tranquil and tranquil. Listed below are a few of the many beautifully vibrant kitchens on , along with examples of color palettes inspired by the kitchens.

Domiteaux + Baggett Architects, PLLC

Warm Color Palette

If you love lots of bright and bold colors but do not want your kitchen to appear like a rainbow burst inside of it, then consider working with similar colors: colors beside each other on the color wheel.

A simple way to think about the really is warm versus cool colors. This kitchen features quite bold splashes of warm oranges and red. The space feels exciting and energetic — great for entertaining.

Jennifer Ott Design

Example palette: This potential palette features warm, analogous colors, and a grounding neutral. Clockwise from top left (all from Farrow & Ball): Rectory Red, Charlotte’s Locks, Down Pipe and Pale Hound.

Studio Marler

Cool Color Palette

This kitchen also features bold analogous colors, but it’s about the trendy end of the color wheel with colors of green and blue. It has a serene and sophisticated feel.

Jennifer Ott Design

Example Colour: Clockwise from top left, those trendy similar colors (all from Benjamin Moore) are mild Daffodil, Whipple Blue, Cream Silk and Brookside Moss.

Dijeau Poage Construction

Bold Wall With Neutral Accents

A great way for integrating bold colors into your kitchen is to keep the pricey items — such as the countertops, cabinet fronts and floors — neutral in color and save the bold colors for things which are easy and affordable to change out, like wall paint.

Jennifer Ott Design

Example Colour: This is an example of a palette featuring one bold color used with supporting neutrals. Clockwise from top left (all from Yolo Colorhouse): Thrive, Stone, Air and Leaf.

Hufft Projects

Blank Canvas With Bold Accessories

Here’s another kitchen which smartly features bold colors in a way that is easy and comparatively cheap to change at any time. You can give this kitchen a completely different look by simply swapping out the rug tiles and counter stools.

Jennifer Ott Design

Example palette: This potential palette features deep colors that pack a punch and are best utilized in small chunks. Clockwise from top left (all from Sherwin-Williams): Roycroft Copper Red, Knockout Orange, Rave Red and Softer Tan.

Merzbau Design Collective

Splash of Green

An unexpected splash of color can be truly captivating. To stop it from crossing the line to overpowering, however, have a suggestion from this new and airy area by keeping all the additional components in the area impartial.

Jennifer Ott Design

Example Colour: Here’s another example of a palette which features one bold color with supporting neutrals. Clockwise from top left (all from Dunn Edwards): Lemon Lime, Chive, Cascading White and Silver Lined.

Warmington & North

Bold Traditional Palette

Eye-popping colors aren’t only for modern kitchens. This handsome kitchen features an oversize bold red range set in rich, dark chocolate cabinets. The tile backsplash has a complex pattern to it but, due to the neutral colors utilized, it complements rather than competes with the range.

Jennifer Ott Design

Example palette: This potential palette comes with a luscious, saturated reddish and a rich chocolate brown. Clockwise from top left (all from Glidden): Chocolate Apple, Swiss Coffee, Bittersweet Chocolate and Soft Suede.

Chr DAUER Architects

Splash of Yellow

This attractive, light-filled kitchen sport a band of color at the backsplash and via the dining chairs. This is a good alternative for someone who needs a very light, soothing and controlled palette but with a little twist.

Jennifer Ott Design

Writer palette: An example of a palette to get a light and bright kitchen, using a kick of color. Clockwise from top left (all from Mythic Paint): Sunny Side Up, Helios, Silken Sand and Slip of Silver.

Blackburn Architects, PC

Warm, Rich Kitchen Palette

This kitchen makes me want to eat! And drink some wine. The color red is reported to be an appetite stimulant, and that explains why the majority of fine dining establishments are painted colors of reddish instead of, say, blue or green. Red can be difficult to work with, though, since it has a tendency to suck all of the light from an area. Rather than painting your walls red, try using reddish in smaller chunks, such as the red range featured in a previous kitchen, or as used here, in these beautiful cranberry-red cabinets.

Jennifer Ott Design

Example Colour: A potential palette to excite your appetite. Clockwise from top left (all from Behr): Indiscreet, Irish Mist, Chipotle Paste and Silver Drop.

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