15 Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

The kind of plumbing repair that you choose to use in your bathroom will affect its overall design.

Here are a few ideas from professional designers on how to achieve a stylish look using marble, porcelain, glass, and ceramic.

Add Graphics

In this look, a less is more approach is taken. The main attraction is the alternating bands of blue and green glass tiles on the accent wall of the shower.

Lots of Marble

In this design, the slipper tub is surrounded by a tile covered arch that’s over it, and a big Palladian window which is surrounded by 9×18 marble tiles. The arch is lined using small marble subway tiles. The floor of the bathroom is made up of carrara marble and black granite basket weaves.

Focus on the Floor

If you want to focus on the floor, you should cut up marble into 4-inch wide planks. Then lay them in a certain way so you can create maximum contrast on different areas of the stone.  

Get Creative

The door has a graphic design where wood planks have been creatively attached to it. The walls have mosaic plumbing service, so as to give more height to the room and to lighten up the vanity section.

Use Tiles in Different Shapes and Colors

You can also use tiles of different shapes and colors to separate the wet and dry sections of the bathroom.

Pay Attention to the Details

Always pay attention to the tiling details, like where the tile starts and ends. Then end the tile in a clean way.

Keep Floors and Walls the Same

Create an elegant hotel look by using similar tiles on both the floors and walls. Then break this up with a wall-mounted vanity.

Play with Trim Options

You can play with trim options by using a 3×6 trim from Pratt and Larson’s. Set a tile wainscot as a decorative base and top cap. Then use a different top cap at the edge of the tub. Black and white hexagon tiles are used to create a decorative border.

Build a Focal Wall

The shower niche and shower fixture should be on the same wall if you want to build a focal wall. This allows tile work on the other walls to be done without disruption. The tile on the floor should also be used on the shower curb and into the shower pan.

Go for One Tile

You can use a single tile on the floors and walls if you like. Even if it means cutting it up into smaller pieces if it’s too big.

Spa-Like Effect

Create a light and spacy look by using glass tiles that have been set up vertically, while the grout is neutral. Use the same tile on floor and walls.

Create Architectural Interest

Create interest by using a 3×6 plumbers of white brick with a thin set bed. This way, you can create a niche around the sink area by dropping the ceiling and covering the area completely in tiles.

Tile Glazes

You can also make tiles using clay which you can use to decorate bathrooms.

Same Color, Different Shades

Use different shades of the same color to create a tone of glazed tiles.

Vertical Tiles

Use vertical tiles to give the room more height or different kinds of tiles in the same color.