What Protectant Is Used to Stop Resin Statues?

When you have purchased a couple of resin to decorate your area, you have selected one of the most durable materials available. Easy to relocate on a whim statues and lightweight arrive in a variety shapes and sizes. They frequently are painted. Luckily a coat or two of a clear protectant will maintain the colors in your own resin statuary for a long time to come.

Preprotectant Steps

If you have allowed your resin before you choose to apply protectant for it to sit outside for a period of time, it’s probably accumulated a thin layer of grime and dirt. Clean out the statue lightly from top to bottom, before employing any protectant. Fill a bucket with a combination of dish soap and warm water, and wash the statue using a soft fabric, being sure to clean all crevices. If necessary, use a soft-bristled brush. Rinse the statue with water in the hose with a spray attachment. Allow the statue to dry thoroughly.

Protectant Product

To protect the paint on a resin statue, it’s required to use a product which provides protection. Choose a clear polyurethane product which says specifically that it provides UV protection. Products are available in finishes that are shiny or matte. Such products can go on thicker than the usual spray and result in a finish that is gummy while UV-resistant sealants also come in forms which you can use to paint the statue. They also take longer to dry and therefore are more likely to reveal brush strokes in the application procedure.

Protectant Program

Choose a day with very little if any wind and low humidity when it is time to apply the protectant that is spray-on to the resin statue. Set up shop in an outdoor area where you can spray on the statue without getting the spray on nearby items. Spread out newspapers to create an area larger. Shake the spray and can vigorously on the statue with a thin, even coating. Allow the coat to dry thoroughly before applying another layer. Examine the product directions when.

Postprotectant Care

There are steps you can take to preserve it and prolong its lifetime, As soon as your resin statue is sufficiently protected. Wash the statue and eliminate accumulated dirt. Move the statue inside when the temperature drops to freezing or below. When moisture collects on the statue, freezing and freezing at will, it can result in cracks in the resin, damaging the foam coat and destroying the statue.

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