The Way to Make Dog Repellent for Furniture

Exactly like his human friends in the home, a dog would like to lie or sit to the furniture that looks oh, so comfortable, compared to the floor. Even if the dog is prohibited from the furniture, then he may nevertheless curl up for a nap on on the couch or bed while you’re away. Rather than maintaining the dog confined to one room or rendering some rooms off limits, use a homemade repellent spray to produce the furniture much less enjoyable to your four-legged friend.

Soak a few cotton balls using rubbing alcohol. Put these cotton balls on and about furniture; the scent will soften the dog. Alcohol smell dissipates quickly, so this method is for times once the dog repeatedly jumps on the furniture even after being shooed away.

Fill a small spray bottle the majority of the way full with water. Add five to 10 drops of a citrus-scented pure essential oil, like lemon, orange or lemongrass. Replace the spray top and shake the bottle. Spritz the spray within an inconspicuous area of the furniture so that it does not stain, and then spray on the regions in which the dog typically goes.

Remove some zest — the outer, vibrant peeling — by a orange, lemon, grapefruit or grapefruit using a citrus zester or spice grater. Collect the zest bits and place them in several shallow containers, like tiny condiment bowls or drink coasters that have an indented middle place. Place the containers before, around and beneath the furniture to emit a fragrance repulsive to your dog. Place the containers right on furniture pillows in case you aren’t using the furniture. Replace the zest when it loses its own citrus odor.

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