Which Type to Use for Outdoor Wicker Sets?

Wicker outdoor furniture may be made of different materials; the expression”wicker” identifies the weave as opposed to a particular fiber. The perfect paint for wicker utilized outside is partially dependent on the composition of this furniture: indoor wicker is typically produced from rattan plant fibers or woven paper, while outside wicker is most frequently synthetic. If you are unsure which kind of wicker furniture you’ve got, an all-purpose exterior spray paint works on nearly all wicker types.

The Preparation and Painting Process

Before painting the wicker, dust off it completely with a feather duster or vacuum it using a upholstery brush attachment. If the furniture has a polished coating or was painted sand it with a light touch and a fine-grit sanding block, then wiping it down with a soft cloth afterwards to eliminate dust. If the wicker is designed for outside usage, it may be produced from a synthetic material such as plastic or polyurethane. Synthetics require a primer made for plastic so the paint will adhere properly; opt for a spray-on version for smoothest finish and simplicity of application. Apply your favorite shade of spray paint directly onto the furniture by painting the top surfaces using a thin coating, then flipping the bits over to paint the bottom after a hour or so. Repeat the procedure. Put on a dust mask and eye protection, painting outside on a non-windy afternoon or in a well-ventilated region to avoid breathing in fumes.

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