The way to Troubleshoot a Jasco Door Chime

Jasco Products Company grows and distributes GE-branded products, including wired and wireless door chimes such as the ones from the 12000 and 19000 line. Although the chimes marginally differ in features, finishes and form, Jasco recommends a series of universal, basic troubleshooting hints for those occasions as soon as your doorbell doesn’t ring true.

Simple Treatments

Jasco’s electrical door chimes need just a bit of time to kick in. If your chime doesn’t sound, be certain that you’re pressing and holding the push button for at least one moment. Check the push-button unit’s battery compartment to get a plastic tag, which sometimes is present in newly bought Jasco chimes; remove the tag to guarantee the unit receives power from the batteries. If the chime still doesn’t work, consider installing a fresh pair of properly oriented batteries at the push-button switch, in case you’ve got a wireless model.

Terrain Issues

Because most of Jasco’s door chimes communicate wirelessly, mounting problems may stop the push button from sending a signal into the unit. To remedy these problems, keep your chime within 150 feet of the button. If you’ve got a mounted push button, don’t mount it on metal, near metal studs or close to the Landscaping design Flagstaff, AZ; Jasco recommends mounting at 36 to 44 inches above the Landscaping design Flagstaff. Likewise, keep the space between the button and also chime clear of metal objects or devices that stimulate radio frequencies to ward off interference.

Jittery Jumpers

If your Jasco chime has a house safety code, you might run into issues — such as irregular operation or no operation — even if the code on the the push-button unit don’t match exactly. Remove the event of every unit to reveal numbers one through six printed on a board; three of the numbers must have removable jumpers beside them. You can remove these jumpers and place them alongside other numbers to set the code; for instance, if your code is “256,” the jumpers must be mounted beside digits 2, five and six on both the push-button unit and the chime. Numbers above six, when existing, only determine the melody for Jasco chimes with different sound options.

More Troubleshooting Tips

Some Jasco chime models comprise a settings switch on the unit that is crocheted. Make sure the switch isn’t set to “Away” and slide it into the “High” setting, if available, if you have trouble hearing your chime. Sometimes, bad weather might interfere with the signal; allow the weather to clean up and try the chime again before executing any further processes. If simple troubleshooting doesn’t do the trick, then reach out to Jasco Products’ tech support department, which has a query option through the online entry form at its official site.