The New Simplicity: Today's Design for Food and Home

A very rustic, organic manner of food styling and photography has taken hold in the past couple of years. The pristine food photographs that previously graced the pages of magazines have been substituted with in-progress meals and simple dishes that emphasize the natural beauty of the ingredients.

The exact same style is becoming more prominent in interior design also, with designers using colors evocative of the earth and its own tastes as well as photographers like Quentin Bacon using natural light and colors to create warm scenes which indicate you make yourself at home. Quentin says he finds”serenity in capturing life in stillness, conjuring the internal life through utilization of light.”

The holiday season is the ideal time for you to discover an identical peacefulness and style that welcomes your visitors and motivates them to remain the night — without needing you perpetually play hostess. Continue Reading for a House along with a meal, in four courses:

All photographs courtesy of Quentin Bacon

First course: Appetizer. Careful preparation makes this dish appear simple. However, since there is little else on the plate to distract the eye, the artichoke should glow even greater than it would if it had been one among many ingredients.

First course: The Kitchen. The kitchen is where all meals and dinner parties necessarily begin. The space reflects the natural object, as the green is reserved for the lower cabinets along with the walls and open dividers are painted white. The most practical kitchens (and delicious appetizers) are often the simplest: dishes can easily be located, an island provides additional workspace, so the farmhouse sink allows ample space to wash pots or pile dishes.

Second course: Salad. Greens with radishes and only a hint of oil play up the natural flavors of this salad. There is no demand for complicating things using a dish this fresh.

Second course: Kitchen island. There is nothing formal about this particular dining space — that is stored for later. The island invites people to gather it around, pull up a stool, and revel in the food. White is a perfect color to be utilized in the kitchen, as it permits the organization and meals to glow. Dishes are kept on the top shelf of this island for easy access and additional bowls could be grabbed from the open shelves.

Third course: Entree. Plating an entree does not need to be a complex process. Here, neutral dishes allow the pasta along with the pesto to control the spotlight.

Third course: dining room. This farmhouse-style dining area invites everybody in — even the pet goat. The timber table and chairs could be new or antiques purchases; either way, they have a magical rustic feeling that motivates each guest to imagine the house belongs to household. More greens, browns, and other neutral colors create a seamless boundary between what man created and what nature provides.

Fourth course: Dessert. This plum cobbler highlights the sweetness of the fruit. It does not need to get dressed in gold flakes or topped with elaborate icing patterns. This dessert is hearty and indulgent while also being somewhat sensuous in flavor and texture.

Fourth course: Living room. Somehow, eating dessert in the dining table infrequently feels right. Following a delicious meal, the celebration typically retreats to the living space, where comfy chairs is a necessity. This chamber continues the rustic style with pitchforks on the wall and earthy colors set off by a shock of deep red in some of the chairs and accents.

Natural textures are incorporated in new ways, like the rope used to produce the railings of the stairway, and also the same sensuality from the dessert is located in soft fabrics utilized on the furniture. The large windows let sunlight in throughout the day and allow the moonlight to run in at nighttime, lessening the boundary that exists between the outdoors and indoors.

Extra course: Guest bedroom. There are no frills here, only complete relaxation. This bedroom looks like it may be found at a farmhouse a century past. The ideal sheets can give the rustic mattress a more modern sense. However, most importantly, this chamber is simple; it’s easy to imagine waking together with the sunshine or when the rooster crows.

Extra course: Master bedroom. You might be unable to see all of it, yet this photo captures the texture : the metal headboard, the sheets, the hot touch of linen with red striping, along with the older wood table that provides some contrast to the sheets.

Extra course: Toilet. The same pastoral, organic style continues in the toilet where an easy white sink is utilized. The simple chair with red and white stripes proceeds the color scheme from other rooms in the house.

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