Trend Alert: Paint Gone Wild

If you were that child who desired to take the finger paint away from the page and on the table, the walls and the carpet, this ideabook is for you. Lately paint techniques are going every which way but rolled. Happy accidents like drips and splotches have inspired nontraditional appearances for everything from couches to ceilings. Here is a look at six trendy paint techniques that don’t take a steady hands or FrogTape.

Laura U, Inc..

1. Splatter. A custom splatter-painted ceiling enlivens a teenage boy’s room.

In The First Apartment Book, writer and designer Kyle Schuneman showed the way he spruced up a hand-me-down sofa by producing a habit splatter-paint slipcover for an amazing renter’s small space in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village.

Within the next photo, many layers of splatter enliven the lawn.

Shelley W.


2. Dripping. This massive planter adds a crafty, modern touch for this midcentury-inspired Los Angeles flat.


Cut ‘n Go Drop Black Flowing Coatrack, Small – EUR 55

A dripping coatrack is artful and operational.

Generate Design

Liquid Lamp by Kouichi Okamoto – $239

This smart sconce will surely make your guests do a drip-induced double take. It’s an enjoyable pick for a child’s room or a slick, white-box, minimalist look.

BiglarKinyan Design Planning Inc..

This carpet was probably really pricey, but chances are, even if you spill your coffee you won’t bat an eye, even since the spill will blend right in with all the dribbled pattern.


Splatter at D Minor Wall Decal – $38

3. Paintball war. This comparatively new game has found its way indoors, marking walls and decorative things with its distinctive blotches.

DC Interior Decor

This carpet resembles someone hung it on the wall and gave it the paintball treatment.


Vera Wang Wedgwood Ikat 4-Piece Place Setting – $89

This Vera Wang china also looks like it survived a paintball war. Well, a paintball war with a professional shooter who has a keen eye for colour and composition.

West Elm

Blue Splatter Dinnerware – $40

A more uniform line of paint splotches produces a charming pattern, good for an artsy, coastal or conventional blue and white tablescape.


Dip Seat – GBP 395

4. The dip. Some furniture dips its toes into white paint, a few bits go up to their necks, while others …


Windsor Love Seat – $1,498

… have midriffs that are anything but bare.

6. Graffiti. Nowadays street art has wide appeal, which is kind of ironic. I believe people find the idea of tagging their inside walls either really cool or completely ridiculous, that’s the mark of a solid thought. If you’re looking for something a little more graffiti inspired rather than real graffiti, then have a look at the art of Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring.

Graffiti as Decor: Street Art Comes Home
Splatter Patterns Let Loose in Decor

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