The way to Troubleshoot a Kenmore 253.11511101 Freezer

Even though chest-style freezers may lack the accessibility of upright models — and occupy a bit more floor space — they usually come at a lower cost, provide more storage space and consume significantly less energy. Despite their advantages, however, chest freezers are just as prone to the occasional hiccup as their upright brethren. In case your Sears-branded Kenmore Elite 253.11511101 chest freezer begins to act uncool, take troubleshooting advice straight from the appliance’s manufacturer.

Straightforward Solutions

In case your Kenmore 253-model freezer does not run at all, make certain it is totally plugged into the outlet and you haven’t blown a fuse or tripped a breaker. If you discover a fuse in need of replacement, replace it with a 15-amp time-delay fuse to adequately force this particular appliance. Always ensure the freezer’s lid is securely shut.

Temperature Troubles

To keep your freezer running cool, Kenmore recommends storing it in an area which does not transcend external temperatures of 110 degrees Fahrenheit which has ample air flow. Leave at least 3 inches of space on all sides of the appliance to encourage flow. If you locate your food excessively frosty, make certain that the freezer’s Rapid Freeze switch is put to the “Off” position. If your freezer feels warm, ensure the Flash Defrost plunger, situated on the underside of the lid, then is pressed in.

Further Fixes

Vibration and rattling noises indicate the freezer isn’t level. To remedy this, then recruit a partner to lift the emptied freezer so you can get its leveling legs. Turn the bolt-like legs to the right to lower them or to the left to lift them, adjusting the legs until the freezer is stable and firm on the floor. Combat odors by clearing the freezer of food, defrosting the unit and cleaning its interior compartment using warm water and baking soda or mild detergent; avoid abrasive cleansers or those that leave residues when brushing your appliance.

Kenmore Questions

Complex issues like a bad compressor or refrigerant problems need a professional touch. Telephone the company’s retail customer care department or use the comment form at the official site. You can schedule Kenmore-approved service at the company’s site. Have the freezer’s serial number, found on the number plate on the interior panel of the appliance, ready when you contact Kenmore.