One Bright Area

After interviewing Sue Teso about her residence in Sandwich, Massachusetts, my thoughts kept drifting back to your particular picture of her livingroom (first in this group). The area is awash in relaxing colours and light – with the exception of toss pillow and one wonderful orange.

It Is The an ideal number of colour – it provides the chamber so much electricity without destroying it is complete peacefulness.

Inspired by that picture, I went searching of other areas which can be just as properly balanced by one confined area of colour. Below are a few of the best examples:

Solstice House

The living room of Sue Teso is absolutely inspirational.

Clinton & Associates, Computer Landscape Architects

This small retreat of seats at Orchard Farm is an ideal bright place amidst greenery that is compact.

Picture this toilet that is dark with no seat that is yellow. Kind of spooky and overly extreme, right? But using the seat – supercool.

Beach Classic

Blossoms may be the most easy way to add that small spot of electricity. I really like the distinction here of a seascape that is quiet with flowers and Grass Care front yard Fort Lauderdale, FL that are brilliant.

My friend Meg photographed this front entrance in the Chelsea neighborhood of London. I I can not quit looking at it. At the center of lots of grey, it feels so tempting.

Chelsea Atelier Architect, Computer

Over and over I discovered single yellowish sections that actually popped against a space that was neutral. The colour is not weak enough to function by itself, but it really never overwhelms.

This headboard is the ideal complement to downy bedding that is white.

Kate Michels Landscaping design Fresno

These seats that are blue are brilliant and really so bright – perfect to get a yard that is straightforward.


OK, which means this chamber is in fact entirely wallpapered in eye catching yellow. Although I could not help but feel – Would not that background that is wonderful work in a little corner of a chamber decorated in tranquil solids that are blue?

The interior of the ledges are amazing. I really like that they are kind of saved – they look just like somewhat joke that is concealed.

Edward I. Mills & Associates, Architects Computer

I really like this art that is orange – it reminds me of Mark Rothko’s colour field paintings and it’s also an ideal tone for the book ish area – warm, although brilliant.

A chandelier is pretty much the final thing I Would want to to look to for colour – but I adore this section that is orange. It is sort of elegantly cheeky, and so much pleasure.