Modern Icons: The Caravaggio Pendant Light

The first time I saw the Caravaggio Pendant Lamp, I assumed it was designed in Italy sometime in the 1950s. I was way off. Professional designer Cecilie Manz made the lamp in 2005. After experimenting with many variations of this form, she created a simple curved aluminum shade that could hang with other curved pieces inside the room and provide subtle contrast to directly lines that are modern.

The lamp’s elegant simplicity means it can fit into practically any style space, and its assortment of sizes means it could fit into practically any scale. Whether you are trying for Italian midcentury modern or contemporary minimalist style, this pendant will do the job for you.

Clifton Leung Design Workshop –

The Caravaggio is a ideal choice for many of the modern kitchens, whether as one large pendant; as one, pair or trio over an island ; or over a table. Its classic form can seem traditional, contemporary, midcentury modern or eclectic.


Cecilie Menz Caravaggio Pendant P4 – $895

The shade gets its lovely glow from sleek, high-gloss paint. The shade is drawn aluminum, and the hardware has been coated in chrome plating.

Aviad Bar-Ness

The curves of this Caravaggios, the Eames Shell Chairs and also the Saarinen Tuilp Table are using a great conversation in this midcentury modern–motivated kitchen.


This larger version of the ring has sufficient presence to serve as one fixture over a kitchen island. The pendant comes in 3 dimensions:
Small: 6 1/2 inches deep and 8 inches top
Medium: 10 inches deep and 12 3/4 inches high
Large: 15 3/4 inches deep and 20 inches high
Extra large: 21 1/2 inches deep and 27 1/2 inches high

Holly Marder

This Dutch couple includes a carefully curated an assortment of amazing light fixtures throughout their house, and this particular pair of black Caravaggios made the cut.

If you look carefully, you can see how light emanates in the opening in the top.


The fixture is also large enough to stand around a vast, open space, such as this one. Using a white ring against white walls and a white ceiling keeps it from being a distraction.


Zooming out in the exact same space, we could see that two identical pendants provide continuity between the living area and the dining area.


In fact, a group of Caravaggio Pendants provide continuity throughout this entire house, made by Incorporated. The designers utilized Caravaggio Pendant lamps in just about every room. The lamps give the eyes a place to rest between the tops of the furniture and the ceilings.


Cecilie Manz Caravaggio Pendant Medium P2, Matte Gray – $475

The pendant is available in a more industrial vertical grey finish as well.

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