How to Troubleshoot a Maytag Atlantis Washer That won’t Drain

Produced circa 2002 to 2004, Maytag’s line of Atlantis top-loading washing machines concentrates on heavy-duty laundering — those units include features like high capacity and options like Super Wash and TurboRinse. Despite their hefty dimensions and six-point suspension systems, Atlantis washers tend toward operational mistakes like any other appliance; even when drainage issues attack, follow Maytag’s information for basic troubleshooting.

Cover the Basics

In case your Maytag Atlantis washer closes down before or through drainage, then this may indicate a power issue. Assess your home’s service panel (breaker box) to get a tripped breaker, or assess the proper fuse when you have a fuse box. Reset the drier’s circuit breaker (or replace the fuse) if needed. All versions in the Atlantis series of washers feature a lid switch failure sensor; when the lid isn’t closed completely, the unit will not drain, spin or agitate, so be certain you totally shut the top-loader’s lid.

Home in on the Hose

Assess your Atlantis’ drain hose if your device runs but still refuses to drain or drains poorly. Correct any kinks or bends in the hose to ensure proper drainage. Blockages may also prevent your device from draining. Blockage can occur in the socket hose running from the rear of the machine into the home’s drainpipe, at the hose between the washer tub and the drain pump, or at the pump itself. It’s easiest to check the socket hose, so detach the hose from the machine and flush the hose with water (or run it through using a stiff cable) to remove any obstructions.

Assess Extra Issues

In some cases, you may locate that your Atlantis washing machine cycling through different phases, even once you’ve selected “Off.” This can prevent your system from draining when you want it to. If your washer advances through “Off,” the Atlantis’ Extra Rinse attribute has probably been selected. Press the “Normal Rinse” button to deselect Extra Rinse and return the drier’s operations to normal.

Call for Aid

Drainage problems like deep pump blockage or a defective impeller blades require help from a Maytag-endorsed technician. In case your Atlantis washer’s drain problems go beyond simple troubleshooting measures, call Maytag customer service or submit a question or ask using the online form found on the company’s official site. You’ll likely need your Atlantis model number, located on the back of the unit supporting its control panel, on the right-bottom corner of the underside of the lid or about the back-left side of machine’s foundation frame. Because the Atlantis line was last manufactured in 2004, drain and pump components are most likely no longer under guarantee, however, check your washer’s guarantee information to be certain.