How Do You Compute Cost Per Square Foot for House-Painting?

Jobs are typically priced by contractors on a per-square foot basis, even though they could quote you a rate that is flat. Square foot pricing allocates some of material and labour price to each square foot of location on employment. Converting a paint estimate to cost per square foot is useful to contractors evaluating the price of different occupations and useful to consumers comparing distinct quotes. It needs resources and only basic mathematics skills.

Multiply the amount of each room in the home by its own breadth to find out its square-footage. Multiply the width by the height of every exterior wall to locate square footage that is outdoor. Add square-footage to be found by the totals for your house. By way of example, suppose the home is 2,000 square-feet !

Ascertain the price of painting your house. Your painter will give this amount according to his stuff and labour cost to you. By way of example, suppose cost

Split the price by the square-footage to seek out price per square foot. As an example, $1,200 divided by 2,000 square feet equals $0.60 per square foot.