Can an Echo String Trimmer Have a Ryobi Attachment?

If purchasing a brand new string trimmer head or attachment, the arbor bolt has to be a match. The arbor bolt is on the bottom of a string trimmer shaft, plus it connects to the attachment bolt. A Ryobi attachment can fit on an Echo string trimmer either by a direct fit or by using an adapter. This enables you to use different brands on your own Echo trimmer, and choose trimmer heads that accept larger diameter string to cut through tougher vines or thick grasses.

Arbor Bolt Size

Arbor bolt size is expressed in the diameter and number of threads per inch or millimeters. An specific matching attachment will have exactly the exact measurements to attach a Ryobi trimmer head to a Echo string trimmer. For instance, an English measurement is 3/8 inch minus 25 or a metric measurement is 10 millimeters times 1.5.

Arbor Bolt Gender

Arbor bolts vary in gender from different manufacturers and in various models of mind attachments. The arbor bolt has to be the opposite gender of the getting bolt on the trimmer for it to match. Female threads are on the interior of the arbor bolt, along with male threads are on the exterior. The arbor bolt and mind attachment bolt screw together with the male bolt inside the female bolt.

Arbor Bolt Rotation

Arbor bolts rotate in various directions on string trimmers. They may rotate to the right in a clockwise direction or to the left in a counterclockwise direction. When choosing a Ryobi attachment to get the Echo string trimmer, the spinning management must fit. The bolts are marked in size plus gender and spinning expressed as LHF (Left Hand Female), RHF (Right Hand Female), LHM (Left Hand Male) and RHM (Right Hand Male).

Arbor Bolt Adapters

Arbor bolt adapters can be placed inside the arbor bolt opening so it’s possible to add fresh trimmer heads to the adapter. Many replacing blades heads include several adapters in various sizes in order that they can be installed on trimmers that demand a different size, gender or rotational management.