8 Ways to Rev Up Your Garden Color With More Than Just Plants

Dare to add some dramatic colour to the garden this year. There are several ways to bring bold splashes of colour to a patio, edge or lawn, such as just throwing a few bright accessories round, painting a chair a shocking hue, including a few colorful planters or developing a master plan that uses a vibrant plant palette.

Envision throwing a rockin’ party on your lawn (for adults, 6-year-olds or both) in these gardens, and also find some courses for going bold with colour outside.

1. Make a statement with a bright sculpture. A large sculpture in the garden acts as a focal point and conversation piece.

Archiverde Landscape Architecture

Even a fantastic piece of furniture can serve as sculpture, similar to this seat crafted out of objects found on the website.

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Contemporary Outdoor Fountains

2. Replace gabion stones using glass. Yellow and white glass bits create a stunning base for this fountain.

More Suggestions for fountains

Rikki Snyder

3. Shock some life into a piece of furniture. A few coats of magenta paint transformed this wallflower of a chair to the star of this series.

Sandy Koepke

Hint: A great option for your metal furniture is powder coating. It’s the exact same sort of application used on automobiles; you can find a local powder coater by doing an Internet search using the name of your city and “powder coating”

4. Color a accent wall a colour. Iconic architcect Luis Barragánused bright colour in his iconic Mexican arenas. The appearance still inspires many landscape architects, architects and garden designers.

Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture

Hint: Your possible accent wall probably already exists. Have a look. An existing and currently ho-hum chair wall, retaining wall or fencing could be just the place for your big splash of accent colour.

OKB Architecture

5. Be freer having an outbuilding. Those pesky neighbors that might fuss over a neon-green house can’t see what’s happening in your backyard, have some fun with it and move bold on a shed, playhouse, garage or studio.

Hint: You can go for backyard freedom on a smaller scale. On a recent house tour, I spied this fabulous green-yellow cut round the garden and gasped with pleasure.

The windows using all the glowing trim were about the lower level (one level below road level) and round the rear of the house for the homeowner to enjoy out of her lovely garden.

Prideaux Design

6. Use tile past the pool surround. Appearance to Spanish-colonial design for teak tile utilized outdoors, or bold Moroccan courtyards for beautiful geometric tiles.

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Da Vida Pools, LLC, Andre Del Re & Lisa North, CBP

Hint: Forget everything you know about pool surrounds. The pool is a significant design chance, and there’s absolutely no rule that says you’ve got to choose a subdued encircle. Pools now have a range of tiles surrounding them, from colored tiles to iridescent recycled glass mosaic tiles.

Glenna Partridge Garden Design

7. Accessorize using flash. With this particular roof deck, glass spikes catch the light in Vancouver’s often-gray skies.

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Derviss Design

Hint: If you want to add bold shade yet keep your outdoor space contemporary, try repetition. Stick with a restricted color palette, then space out colored planters equally. This will continue to keep a contemporary order and rhythm while infusing the landscape using a dramatic hue.

a Blade of Grass

8. Go bold with your flower color palette. The best colours in the garden come out of plants. Do your homework in ‘s garden section to your zone and the types of plants you enjoy — and do not be timid about researching plant tags and asking for help once you hit the nursery.

Just how do you added bold colour to your patio, deck or other outdoor room? Let us know in the Comments section, also please post a photo if you have one.

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