7 Awesome Add-ons for Kitchen Cabinets

I remember when having a microwave or a electric can opener mounted under your wall cabinets has been considered state of the art. You can now attach your smart phone and tabletcomputers, and also conceal the necessary outlets out of sight. Curious what now’s cupboard additions can do for you? Check out some of the latest and most useful offerings in cabinet-mounted accessories and gadgets to find out what’s going to work on your kitchen.

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Lighting. Even if you’re a minimalist who wants to maintain the region under your wall cabinets clean, think about installing some light. Undercabinet lights supplies crucial illumination for food prep and, in case dimmable, work well as a nightlight when the kitchen is closed for the day. My current preference for undercabinet lighting is low-profile LED (light-emitting diode) strip lighting. LED lighting technology is always progressing, so check with the local lighting retailer or electrical contractor to check out what’s the best alternative for your kitchen. Costs vary depending on size and quality, however you can now get 12-inch strips starting around $20.

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Power. You have spent time and money selecting and installing the great backsplash tile, so don’t mar the beautiful surface with sockets. An undercabinet socket strip provides you a plethora of plugs — and always one right where you need it with no lineup of receptacles all across your beautiful backsplash. If, however, you tend to maintain your countertop appliances plugged in, you may not enjoy watching the wires dangle down from beneath your cabinets.

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Tablet mount. Watch a cooking video, refer to a recipe, check your email or call your mother on Skype, all while keeping up your device and away from some other counter messes with an undercabinet tablet mount.

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Under-Cabinet Lighting System by Legrand

In case you’ve got several devices that you would like accessible from the kitchen, check out this modular undercabinet lighting program. You are able to get docks for all of your devices, along with the receptacles to power them.


Wusthof Under-Cabinet Knife Block – $39.95

Knife block. I understand undercabinet knife blocks aren’t just new technologies, yet this model from Wusthof is notable because of its slender profile. It also conveniently swings out and in with the touch of a finger.


EZ Off Jar Opener – $16.95

Jar opener. For those who struggle with opening jars and bottles, here’s a clever gadget that is easy to mount under your wall cupboard. This could make an superb gift for a person who suffers from arthritis, or anyone else who could use some assistance with tough-to-open lids.

Wine Enthusiast Companies

Under-Cabinet Stemware Rack – $29.95

Stemware rack. If you’re tight on kitchen storage area, then you’re going to want to create use of every nook and cranny you can. Following is a great option for storing your stemware under a wall cupboard.

I’ve mounted a comparable rack inside a cupboard, and I really like its performance you can save a fantastic number of glasses in a little amount of space without the risk of getting them tip over on one another like dominoes. I should be aware that this may not be the best storage option in case you don’t utilize the glasses very often, or in case you don’t have sufficient ventilation in your kitchen, since the stemware is very likely to attract dirt and dust.


Under-Cabinet Wine Bottle Organizer – $16.10

Bottle holder. Display your wine bottles next to your own stemware, all underneath your wall cabinets. Just be sure to mount this away from your range or cooktop, so the bottles don’t feel the warmth.

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