10 Fresh Takes on Flokati Rugs

Flokati rugs were white-hot from the’60s and’70s, but they’ve style and staying power that’s carried them beyond the Brady Bunch years. These luxuriant floor coverings feel yummy against your toes on a winter day, and they’re able to instantly warm up an austere area or put in a funky notice to a traditional one. They’re the merest bit over-the-top, yet flexible enough to slip into a roomful of dignified antiques.

Authentic flokati rugs are traditionally handwoven of wool in Greece, then soaked in water to fluff up the fibers. But there are also a good deal of flokati-style floor coverings in the marketplace offering as much punch. Take a look at the ideas below — which ones catch your imagination?

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Specht Architects

A white carpet pops from these dark wood flooring, and flokati adds a soft, textural layer that works nicely with the natural feel of this room.

Adeeni Design Group

The free-form rug inside this area dresses down it and adds a playful touch.

David Howell Design

I’d never have thought of a flokati from the bathroom, but what might be more luxe for a dressing area?


A slim flokati produces a workstation all the more inviting.

Soledad Alzaga Interior Design

This silent living area receives a boost from the rug’s lavish feel.

Philpotts Interiors

A round flokati becomes the flop-down-on-me focal point of this cute kids’ room.

Madison Modern Home

I really like this small piece of a sitting area so much I couldn’t resist throwing it . The flokati pillow on the armchair is this kind of fun, sudden top notice.

Andrea Schumacher Interiors

Flokatis don’t have to be white — there are all kinds of colors in the marketplace these days. An espresso-brown version grounds that space.

Shirley Meisels

Fun, youthful and attention-getting, this carpet feels pitch-perfect at a woman’s room.

BKSK Architects

Flokati matches fireplace at a sitting area you can not help but gravitate to.

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