The way to correct a Cuckoo Clock That Chimes at the Wrong Hour

Your cuckoo clock is apparently keeping good time, other than just one small detail; it chimes the wrong hour. This is a somewhat common issue with an easy answer, and even a brand new clock might not chime correctly. Resetting the clock so it chimes the right number of times each hour is a standard process which works regardless of which model cuckoo clock you’ve got.

Causes for Incorrect Counting

The clock dial says it’s just 1 p.m., but the cuckoo chimes twice — that all-too-common situation might appear a bit annoying, defeating the purpose of utilizing a cuckoo clock, compared to an ordinary clock that doesn’t count out the hours audibly. A time change is one reason the clock may chime the wrong hour each time. If the clock has been packed away for a while, in addition, it might need resetting to receive it to chime correctly. In either case, cuckoo clocks are designed to be readily corrected at home without requiring a repair.

Correcting the Chimes

Setting the clock to chime the suitable number of hours is a matter of paying attention to the number of chimes at the peak of the hour. For instance, if the clock displays 2 p.m. — the actual time — however it chimes after, move the hour hand to the 1 position. The hour hand may be moved or counter-clockwise. Press the hour hand at the point it attaches to the clock movement to make sure it is seated completely. Move the minute hand clockwise as many times as required to get the clock to show the actual moment. Pause at each half-hour and hour position to allow the clock to chime naturally.

When the Time Is Way Away

While the hour-resetting process is the exact same regardless of what time it is and exactly what time the clock asserts it’s, in some cases, you might need to spin the fingers quite a few times to get them to the appropriate moment. Once the hour hand is set to equal the number of chimes the clock rings out, then turn the minute hand as many times as necessary to reach the suitable period, working clockwise just. In other words, even if the clock chimed twice as well as the right time is just 1 p.m., the minute hand is the hand to transfer, and just clockwise. Allow the clock to chime on the half-hour and hour before proceeding with the minute hand movements.

Minute-Hand Miscues

If the cuckoo chimes the right number of hours but at the wrong time, the minute hand is out of position. Hand-loosen the nut holding the fingers onto the shaft and then move the minute hand to the 12 position. Tighten the nut, then transfer the minute hand to the proper minute.