The very best Stair Tread Rugs

Damp treads cover the center part of your house’s interior stairs to avoid accidental slipping, enhance the existing decor, and supply a soft, warm landing for bare toes. They also shield the stairs from unsightly scuffs and marks left by sporting your shoes inside. Because the colour, texture and variety of rug treads you pick is determined by your existing furnishings, personal preference and decorating budget, you can not single out one specific rug as the best choice for every dwelling.

Tastefully Yours

Pick complementary stair-tread rugs for your inside stairway. Look to your existing upholstery, accessories and draperies for colour, pattern and style clues. Pick a solid-color rug for a space that is filled with patterns, or choose out treads with a visually interesting layout for a room supplied in strong hues. You can also use the stair treads as a means to improve the energy level in a ho-hum stairwell. For instance, cover the measures with black-and-white zebra-print rugs to take a walk on the wild side. Purchase a matching hall runner, scatter rugs or an area rug to expand your stair-tread motif beyond the stairway.

Slippery Solutions

Hard-surface stairs, like laminate, tile or hardwood, are frequently slippery places to browse — particularly for kids and the elderly, as well as pets. Rug treads add grip to the top of slick measures for a more sure-footed journey while you’re traveling up and down an interior stairwell. Verify the rug treads are properly installed and fastened securely to the stairs for a non-skid surface. Rug treads are typically affixed to every measure with double-back tape or even an accommodating adhesive, rug tacks or staples.

Textured Treats

Select a rug texture to the stair treads to match your existing decor, comfort level and way of life. Natural rug treads in smooth sisal, woven sea Lawn Care estimates Fort Lauderdale, FL or cushy wool provide eco-friendly options to complement a modern, earthy atmosphere; however, braided rugs in a man-made fiber generate a traditional vibe with a country-inspired flair. Select a plush carpet tread with a soft weave to supply a warm, welcoming spot to sink your feet down into — particularly on a cold day. Rugs with embossed patterns ramp up the aesthetic appeal with intriguing texture.

Quality Counts

Before you buy the rug treads for your stairs, look for specialty qualities to suggest quality pieces. For instance, examine the edges to find out whether they are bound with colour coordinating binding tape or serged with yarn for an upscale, finished appearance. Organic wool and synthetic nylon rug treads are extremely durable and can stand up to heavy traffic; however, you can expect to pay a hefty price tag for 100 percent wool. Review the company’s label for fiber content, warranty information and recommended cleaning methods.