The Intricacies of Northern California Design

The design and structure of Northern California closely fit the culture of Northern California. It’s spacious, casual and a little obsessed with the outside. While I think of a quintessentially Northern California style I believe of Sea Ranch, architect Cliff May, hardwood decks, organic fibers and skylights (OK, yes, and also redwood hot tubs).

It’s a place where natural light is as important as paint colour and where”comfy” and”cozy” aren’t synonyms. The coast is ever present, but the layouts aren’t exactly beach fashion. Plus it borrows from everybody from the Spanish into the hippies.

It’s, most importantly, a place where the line between external and in is hardly discernible.

Catherine Opie

Cliff May was a daddy of the look. Skylights, natural lines, and lots and a lot of light are signatures of his or her style.

WA Design Architects

A contemporary spin on the Cliff May style: natural timber, concrete floors and that magical NorCal light.

Blackburn Architects, PC

Skylights galore. On the Northern California coast it is often too cold to actually be outside, so we’re big fans of bringing the outside in.

Arcanum Architecture

Open ceilings, natural substances, neutral colours and a lot of light: all Northen California dead giveaways.

Mark pinkerton – photography

Inside-outside homes, in which the exterior and interior are tough to make out, are a means of life in Northern California.

Quezada Architecture

Open stairs, minimal design, tons of natural timber and, you guessed it, organic light galore. This is contemporary Northern California minimalism at its best.

Precision Cabinets

Much of the design of Northern California reflects the social atmosphere: elegant but casual and completely inviting. Yes, you could appear at a dinner party in flip-flops.

Madison Modern Home

Eclectic is the name of the game. Layered cloths, a lot of white and a few requisite ethnic touches are all marks of Northern California interior design.

Kim Parker Interiors

Layered colours, exposed substances, mixed eras and bare windows create a simple opulence. It doesn’t look overly bloated, but it will seem intentional. Admission: This space isn’t in Northern California, but it’s its style from there.

Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects

Another indoor-outdoor room filled with airiness and light. The furnishings are classic contemporary pieces, and each of the materials are exposed: glass, wood, cement.

Shannon Malone

Just a little touch of hippie is essential. Draped lampshades work, as do funky ethnic throws, scarf drapes and a casual mixture of furniture. (No matching sets allowed!)

Sagan / Piechota Architecture

In Northern California we know how to sleep during the sunrise light. Provided that the neighbors can’t see in, windows are bare and big. And, when you wake to a view similar to this one, the decoration just must wait and be comfy. No art is needed. For that matter, no colour is needed .

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