Get Your Craft Paper Under Control

Last week, I have been around my ears with things crafting: buttons, stickers, scrapbooks — you name it, I have organized it. But during this organizing project, I noticed that craft newspaper was among those categories that appeared to have unlimited options for how to arrange and store it. And while most people do not have enormous craft chambers to keep organized (much less the things contained within their walls), just about everyone owns craft newspaper. So tune in and take notes on how best to keep it stored and in order.

The Locker

Lay It Flat

House craft paper in drawers if you like things tucked away neatly. The only obstacle I find with this option is it is possible to see only what is stored on the very top.

This option is ideal for if you’re stacking multiples of the same color or pattern and you have got room to spread out.

Friendly reminder: Type your craft paper prior to stashing. Organize by color, pattern, size, brand or holiday season — anything that works for you.

Cozy Little Residence

No drawer area? Use paper tray cubbies to keep your craft paper front and center.

Luxury: Custom build cubbies to meet your paper storage requirements.

Off the shelf: Pick up a paper storage cube and put it at a low cabinet or on a counter for simple access.

DIY: Stack a shelf helper on a cabinet shelf to split the height and maximize space.

Alan Mascord Design Associates Inc

Alternate option: Attach an undershelf basket into your cabinet or shelf to use vertical space while keeping countertops open.

Hang Up It

nowadays, hangers keep everything from boots to belts in the atmosphere. Why don’t you let them give paper a lift off? I like this idea since it lets you riffle through your stash while seeing everything you own.

Michelle Hinckley


almost all of my customers have a spare paper sorter or two lying around. Why don’t you repurpose yours for artwork newspaper? These organizers come in vertical or piling styles.

Friendly reminder: With vertical file sorters, remember to utilize regular file folders to help keep your craft document from folding over.

I adore a good over-the-door shoe organizer (possibly the most flexible organizing product ). Use this to keep smaller-size craft newspaper and cutouts.

Jeanette Lunde

Roll Up It

Craft paper comes in many sizes. Bigger sheets which take up too much room when laid flat are a cinch to roll and shop.

Decorator’s signature: Use twine to tie each roll, then keep the rolls at a classic bin.

Venetian Stone Gallery

Dowels and small pressure rods are all the rage in the organizing world. These inexpensive organizing tools can be used within an open wall, under a cabinet or inside a cupboard.

Tell meI am aware there are techniques I have yet to discover. Please tell me your tried and true ways to keep craft paper at the Remarks section below. I’m looking forward to saying,”Why didn’t I think of this?”

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