The best way to Stain Trim Molding Before You Cut It

Trim molding enables one to cover imperfections that are minor where the walls meet the floor as well as the ceiling. Adding molding to your room enhances the worth of the re-modeling work in a price that is comparatively little. The best time to stain molding is before you reduce it if you’re installing crown molding or base molding in a space. Molding items are available in lengths up to 14 feet or even more. It’s more effective to include wood trim stain to one extended piece of molding in place of to smaller items.

Prepare molding strips by sanding them for staining. This permits the wood to take stain and eliminates the burnish from milling the molding left. Use a 100-grit sanding sponge for surfaces that are flat as well as a pad for places that are curved. Fold a bit of 100-grit sandpaper to sand with all the grit on the exterior into crevices. Sand together with the grain.

Wipe the dirt in the molding strips using a tack cloth. Vacuum the area. If feasible, damp-mop the area to eliminate any dirt that stays. You want as small dirt coverage to the wood trim as feasible when it is stained by you.

Stir stain using a paint- . Take care to distribute. By stirring it gradually avoid integrating bubbles.

Test stain on the conclusion of one-piece or on a brief section of molding. Time how long you leave it on to get the colour you want.

Apply a coat to the whole duration of a bit of molding, utilizing a normal-hair paint brush or a rag. Don’t skimp. Allow the stain to set to get the results that are required, and after that wipe every one of the excessive stain off with rags. Start wiping off the stain on the sam e finish where the stain was used by you. That way the stain is about the molding the sam e a-Mount of time.

Insert the bristles of a clean, dry paintbrush to the locations you can’t achieve together with the cleansing rag. Wipe clear it off the bristles using a clear rag and up stain together with the brush.

Check for blotchy locations and streaks. Wipe them off, if essential.

If the first coat of stain is also gentle stain and wipe if off-again. Woods, including pine, absorb stain mo Re quickly than hard woods, like oak.

Continue to stain every one of the molding. Set it in a clear dry location. Allow it to dry over-night before proceeding to reduce it.

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