Houzz Escape: Down Old Mexico Way

We have been trying to beat the post-holiday blues with a visa’s-value of virtual travel destinations this past week. So far we’ve piled up the Mediterranean sun in Greece and Italy and island hopped from the Caribbean to Hawaii. For our final installment, we’re searching (longingly) south of the border to Mexico.

Lori Gilder

Vibrant fuchsia blossoms greet you in the door of the intimate Mexican casa.

Drop your things here and give the dog a pat. Though the view in the small balcony is killer, you’re unlikely to be spending too much time here.

Lori Gilder

… Because the garden is way too enticing to want to leave.

Lori Gilder

Decide on a chaise and set up shop here for the day.

Lori Gilder

When the sun gets to be too much, slide into the nearby cabana.

Lori Gilder

It’s the perfect place to enjoy a beverage…

Lori Gilder

Or spread out for a mid-day siesta on one of the comfy banquettes.

Lori Gilder

The stunning view can easily lull one to blissful sleep.

Mario Marquez

After that, take a quick cannonball into the pool to wake yourself up.

In the night, watch the tide roll in over an outside dinner under the setting sun.

James LeCron

For more warm weather inspiration, take a look at Houzz’s Tropical design photos, and upload your own from the comments below.

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