Guest Picks: Fantasy Furniture

In brief, fantasy furniture is really something which makes you stop and say,”Wow!” It can be an unusual, larger-than-life, surreal, ridiculously luxurious piece or perhaps just something that you examine (a throne, for example) and wonder what sort of life this thing would make sense in.

I believe every home should have one piece of fantasy furniture. There’s something utterly magical about beauty that does not take itself too seriously — and we all know how that reflects on us!
— Denise from The Swelle Life

The Floating Bed

Outdoor Bed, Hammock Bed – $2,995

Relaxing to a giant, round, floating mattress on a summer night is a definite fantasy scenario in my head. It’s possible to suspend it out of an existing structure or pick a model that emanates out of its frame. Drape it into white, fresh, gauzy cottons, and pretend you are a island princess (or prince)! The perfect accessory for this luxurious lounger is a aromatic, fresh-fruit cocktail in a massive glass.

Straight Line Designs

Brian Drawers

You smiled, didn’t you? This chest of drawers has such a clever design. It would be such a fantastical piece to reside with, and it’s functional too.

Sweet Dream Bed

Girls Princess Castle Loft Bed – $18,000

Where do I begin? First, let us place the mad jealousy aside. OK. This is a woman’s bed and playhouse in a magical, Tudor-style cottage facade. It’s as customizable as your budget will allow. I have to admit, when I found myself in the”unlimited budget” class I would have one made for my daughter in larger proportions to also accommodate me.

Eclectic Armchairs & Accent Chairs – GBP 1,445

Nothing states fantasy like a throne. Now this has to be done tongue-in-cheek, unless you are a vampire. If you have enough rooms that you can do one up in a theme,”indulgent gothic” is a fun one to go all out with. Rich crimson velvets and high ceilings are essential.

Shawn Lovell Metalworks

White Tree Bed

This is the perfect mattress for an enchanted forest fantasy. The perfect room for it would have a white plank floor, winter-white matte walls and a great deal of floor-to-ceiling windows using tree-filled scenery so that you’d feel as if you were indeed sleeping in the forest.

Dust Furniture

Stacked Cabinet No. 7 – $2,580

That is a witty piece, and because of its fairly small size, it lets you have a little bit of pleasure without committing to some full-on fantasy feel in the area. And the door is functional!

Icons Mosaic Shoe Bathtub

Bathing in a pink, sequin, high-heeled shoe is similar to some sort of decadent, 1970s, disco fantasy. This is a fully functional, Italian-designed bath using a finely crafted glass mosaic exterior that creates the look of glittery sequins.

To fill out the appearance of the carefree age, I would only need to have something soft and white nearby, like a shag carpet in lieu of a bathmat. There’s no need for practicality in this fantasy bathroom!

McGuire Furniture Company

Butterfly Chair

This silver-leaf butterfly seat has to be given its own area — what else would be ignored.


Addison Floral Round Iron Canopy Crib – $1,590

Is it wrong to be jealous of a baby? This round, canopied crib has to be where Sleeping Beauty spent her years.


Greenhouse from SHOWstudio – GBP 6,000

This Victorian-style miniature greenhouse will immediately transform a backyard to one of lively enchantment. If it is possible to trust the kids not to wreck it, it would make an absolutely enchanting place to have tea parties and make amazing childhood memories.

Bo Reudler Studio

Slow White Cabinet

I love the idea of furniture that appears as if it could walk away on its spindly legs. This limited-edition, handmade cupboard is more about story than storage, but it could be used to house your most magical trinkets.

Contemporary Gazebos – GBP 565

This iron shredder is indeed magical; it reminds me of a fairytale’s gilded cage. The rather small size limits it to mostly cosmetic use, but I would still love to try fitting a little table and chairs inside to make a mini garden tea area.

Out There Interiors

Jessie Life-Size Cow – GBP 1,500

Fantasy decorating is all about enjoying make-believe, so why not pretend you have a cow buddy in the backyard? This life-size, realistic-looking Holstein would fulfill one’s farm dreams with no feeding or messes — it’s best!

Produced in Design

Blossy Sofa, Lavender – GBP 556

I would call this sofa a fantasy piece simply because it’s not immediately identifiable as one. The shaping is plump, and from behind, well, it looks like a behind! The unconventional substance (polythene) and colour choices (fuchsia, lavender, green and yellow among them) are important fun, although you might choose to bring some cushions if you do actually plan to take a seat on it.


Crescent Lounge

Oh wow. Can this Crescent Lounge include the view? Never mind, you can create your own. If you do not have a gorgeous beach house and infinity pool, a lush garden of brilliant blossoms will make that paradise-like feel.


The Wave Hammock

The stream of this Wave Hammock mimics a surfing break, and also the seafoam green of this canopy conjures the odor of the ocean — just how heavenly! I really like that it looks as if the wind might carry it up and off.

Luxury Pet Deptartment

The Alabama Dog Mansion – $2,950

Now, I’m not sure how comfortable I would be if my dog had a nicer house than me, but I would certainly gain from the view. This doggie mansion features lattice windows with break-proof glass, real bitumen roof tiles plus a Roman, arched entry with columns.


Tools of the Trade Twin Bed – $10,080

I like this mattress! It is for kids, but I know I would find myself hanging out a bit more in my daughter’s room if this were in it. The fun lines in vibrant colours as well as also the giant reproductions of everyone’s beloved youth tools conjure up pure nostalgia about my imaginative primary-school days.


Eklektisch Kommoden & Schränke

For me, the unusual structure of the chest of drawers makes it magical. It is like a somewhat surreal version of a midcentury piece with its clean lines and brightly colored colours. Imagine how different the experience of opening drawers to look for some thing would feel; it would turn a whole non-event into something entertaining.

Denelli Italia

Origami Sofa Bed – GBP 3,654

Not only do you receive a brilliant and unusual origami-like design, yet this sofa folds out into a bed too. The appearance alone would be enough, but its dual-function practicality in addition to an eye catching, chic appearance is a major bonus.

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