Coast Into Chic Beach Style

In regards to a home on the water, let us face it: It’s really all about the opinion. But even though you are there to enjoy the great outdoors, that does not mean the indoors can’t be the perfect match. Whenever some beach homes are full of loud colors, crazy floral prints and kitschy shell-themed décor, a gorgeous getaway that is soothing and tasteful can still seem just as coastal with a few perfect touches. Here are some of our favorite ways to create a chic beachfront retreat.

Sutton Suzuki Architects

Palm trees, sand, surf… who would even want to go indoors? When it comes to front porches, making use of available space is important. Because waterfront property is indeed often premium, porches this sprawling are infrequent. On a deck, we think a dining table with comfy chairs is a great use of space. This way, you’ve got an extra spot to get meals while enjoying the view but can additionally use the chairs to lounge, sip coffee, curl up with a good book or have a very long chat with a buddy.

LDa Architecture & Interiors

A beach home could be a spot to experiment with colors, but we say if you are able to discover the perfect blue, there is nothing more soothing. The greatest complement to the water outside, a gorgeous blue used all over generates continuity, especially in a bigger place.

Julia Ryan

Neutrals with pops of well-placed colour are wonderful in almost any living room, but especially one near the beach. Loud flowery prints and lifeguard-stand lamps are nice, but with so much to concentrate on outside, why change the attention?

Whatever palette you choose, slipcovers are a favored for vacation spots. Kids, dogs, food and sand can do a number on your furniture, so it simply makes sense to be able to throw covers from the washing machine. Plus the appearance is slouchy chic, perfect for relaxation.

Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

Among the greatest things about a beach escape should be the deficiency of lists. But for keeping track of supper staples and for allowing the rest of the family understand you are out on the beach, these chalkboard doors really are wonderful. For precisely the identical appearance on a tighter budget, painting a blank wall with chalkboard paint works just too. It’s the one time it’s OK for your kids to draw on the wall!

Tobi Fairley Interior Design

Just because you would like to tone down your beach theme does not mean you should not be reminded where you’re. A grouping of casing prints similar to this one is a wonderful touch. Shadowboxes with pieces of coral or starfish are also a wonderful way to get the look and feel of the ocean, no Margaritaville sign demanded.

Spinnaker Development

At the beach, it’s easy to get caught up in loud colors and fish-themed décor, but it’s so unnecessary. We prefer a soothing, spalike feel with neutrals and also a hint of blue. Add bamboo colors and a few pieces of well-placed coral and shells, and you’ve got a room that feels just like a true beach escape.

Liz Williams Interiors

When it comes to kids’ spaces, we are all about pleasure. But using a room that needs to work for the kids one week and grown-up guests the next, it’s vital in order for it to be adaptable. Sisal, seagrass or other natural fibers are our favorite options for beach-house carpets and rugs because they conceal dirt and sand attractively. When choosing bed dresses, a darker colour is a great idea because what is close to the flooring tends to get stained. Plus it’s easy to maintain a bright, fun set of pillow shams from the closet and switch them out for younger guests.

Finish everything off having an easy-to-wash blanket cover and you’ve got a flexible room that appeals to all ages, which is especially crucial if you plan to rent. For an additional coastal touch, fill a munitions basket onto the wall using wild sea oats.


If there’s something that all beach houses have in common, it’s sandy towels. Just a little sand on the floors (and between the sheets) is to be expected, but hooks like these make it easy for everyone to stash their towel prior to walking in the door, at least minimizing the mess. Who wants to sweep if they could swim?

Munger Interiors

If it’s a mudroom in your home, then it must be a sandroom in the beach. Regardless of what you call it, having a place to store everybody’s towels and beach toys directly at the back door is vital. For limited distance (or funding ), this hook and bucket thought is so creative! For the beach, we like it even better than a built-in mudroom. Store flip-flops or beach toys and everyone is able to grab their things and go.

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